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    Posted on March 5th, 2019 Becky 10 comments

         Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman announced last week that a new investigative unit will focus on dozens of unsolved homicides in the county. As LNP’s Lindsey Blest reported, the district attorney budgeted $10,000 for DNA analysis work in 2019, enough to be able to work on two cases. DNA and genealogy work costs between $3,000 and $5,000 per case, the district attorney’s office said.
    From the LNP editorial, “Given the key role DNA played in finding Christy Mirack’s killer, launching Unsolved Homicide Unit seems smart,” (click here).      
         Click here to look at the list of unsolved murders under the above LNP headline – over 40! And Stedman can only find $10,000? Two cases? Examine where every penny in that office goes!

    **   As chief law enforcement officer of the county, the District Attorney is on call 24/7; incidents requiring the DA can take place at any time on any day. This includes calls to crime scenes, police stations and other various locations in the middle of the night, on weekends, and holidays. The DA must always be available to respond regardless of whether these incidents happen during or outside of what most people would define as normal work hours.
    From the statement by DA spokesperson Brett Hambright to LNP (click here).
    The only time I remember Stedman showing up at a crime scene was when Representative Bryan Cutler’s brother-in-law, G. Scott Davis, shot and killed his two-month old daughter on Christmas Eve!



    *     Stedman is not going to become a judge. He may be going to jail! What else is he hiding?


    Today’s LNP editorial (click here).

         It’s one of those rare days when I agree with LNP! Stedman needs to release the records now.
    Please check back later today.


    10 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE ** – * RELEASE THE RECORDS!”

    1. For starters, his vehicle!

    2. Oh, this is crazy – in a good way. The truth is coming out!

    3. Give Me a Break

      Much ado about nothing. So the point of the story is our DA is doing something that most other DAs are also doing….something that has year after year been revealed and reported to both the county controllers and the Attorney General….something the Attorney General has approved. Some “breaking news.” And since the county controller clearly was aware of the situation, why would our commissioners not have been? Do they not pay attention?

      Not to mention, it appears he has been saving the tax payers since the DAs in the state that don’t use forfeiture funds use funds from the tax payers for the same purpose….Hmmmm, I’m not really seeing why I should be outraged here.

      Again, if you don’t agree with forfeiture laws, take it up with your representatives. Don’t demonize the law enforcement officials that have simply been doing what they have always been told they had a right to do. It boils down to the fact that there is so far no evidence Craig has done anything illegal, anything that other DAs aren’t doing, or anything that wasn’t audited and approved by both the Attorney General and the county controller.

      I would note that there may be some issue concerning the mileage….but I think that depends on a lot of details we don’t yet have. Also interesting that the county controller’s office appeared to know the situation and approved it every year…..makes me think it may also be a non-issue.

    4. Nonsense!

    5. Times up

      Becky in
      (2008 ) Craig Stedman Became Lancaster’ county district Attorney
      the same year (2008) Scott Martin became Commissioner. Now, he/ Martin is a state senator
      for Lancaster’ County
      District -13

      Scott Martin’s wife is Lancaster’ county treasurer
      Amber Martin Let’s not forget
      Amber Martin never took out Insurance/ bonds
      on our tax dollars then she put a Post dated bond with wrong information on it -illegal-

      Look at these Connections
      One of many examples

      Martin was the 1 Who took our tax dollars to bail out the Marriott convention center

      Another examples

      Stedman never charged Martin sister Katie
      with driving under the influence of heroin
      When she killed 2 people
      No one in the vehicle was wearing a seat belts especially the 2 children in the back seat
      A child died from Her lack of parenting
      Again she was high on heroin a needle and spoon was found in her Handbag with trace evidence on it

      Scott Martin and Craig Stedman definitely have a

      FRIENDSHIP Wink Wink

      They worked hand-and-hand together since. (2008)
      Look at both of them
      not just Stedman

      Stedman and Martin
      needs to be looked checked out very carefully
      going back to (2008.) there is definitely a lot that has been overlooked
      Or covered up

      Don’t stop digging

    6. Becky: One of your best lines ever – “The only time I remember Stedman showing up at a crime scene was when Representative Bryan Cutler’s brother-in-law, G. Scott Davis, shot and killed his two-month old daughter on Christmas Eve!”

      Remember that website the anti-puppy mill people used against Stedman when he was running before? STEDMAN WALKING. They were just a few years early!

    7. Give me a break-“Anything that other DA’s arent doing”…just because you threw in there that other DAs are doing the same doesnt make it ok. In other words you mean if others in PA dont care what their DAs are doing with the money we shouldnt. You also mentioned a.g. & controllers offc. being ok with it to justify his actions lol. Then you shouldnt be bothered by people asking for an account on all the monies. If he has a right to do it as you wrote why you so worried about it? You may be right on 1 thing maybe the commissioners werent paying attention. They sure are now though? lol

    8. Obviously, Give Me a Break misses the point of this, entirely. The “point” – and the GOOD NEWS is that someone is FINALLY looking into the illegal activities of the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office that waste taxpayer money for personal gain. This well runs VERY deep and there is collusion between Craig Stedman and several police chiefs – notably those in Manor, West Hempfield and Northern Regional. GMAB regurgitates the DA office’s press release as if its gospel. It is not. It is a CYA statement designed to sway the gullible, like GMAB. From the limited info released so far, it is also clear that he is double dipping by billing taxpayers for wear and tear on a “personal vehicle” that his own press statement calls a “work vehicle”. Either way, 503.00 is not, even, the tip of the iceberg. The actions of just a few individuals are putting state and federal matching and other funds in jeopardy and the County Commissioners are smart enough to realize that. And BTW, Stedman’s actions, by his own admission, also violate the the State Ethics Act. Ethics are an important thing to have when one is in an elected position of public trust and wields as much power as a district attorney does. Stedman has NO ethics. Many of us have known that for years. Finally, Becky is right. The only crime scene I have ever known Stedman to attend – or sent out his taxpayer-paid “spokesman” is when he grandstanding for political gain or covering up for a friend. Notice how he uses the two most despised crimes to tie his use of the vehicle to his “work” – dui’s and domestic violence. Give ME a break!

    9. And another thing…just because the county controller or a state audit approves stuff doesn’t mean illegalities didn’t occur. Their investigations and audits are based on information GIVEN to them by the liars and thieves who are about to FINALLY get their comeuppance.

    10. The commissioners were deliberately kept in the dark. They are paying attention now because this is just coming to light. I hope they will rethink and re-vote on the police radio encryption issue. That was a veiled attempt for law enforcement ADMINISTRATORS to act in complete secrecy. With Stedman’s backing, they were sold a bill of goods by Pugliese, who is, also, as corrupt as they come. Stedman’s wheels is the LEAST of it!!