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—  This in an email: ROFLMAO as if it took the commissioners
—  From LOL’s Facebook page: 
      —  Boo hoo.
      —  It’s fun to watch them squirm after the public gains info
      —  He has gotten far too comfortable in his position. The endless train of excuses for questionable actions speak for themself. Soft on crime should be his only reputation. I don’t see why Lancaster County would even want a judge like him. It’s just a paycheck to him.
     Stedman is not fit to be a judge. This is unbelievable! There will be much more tomorrow.



*    We do not have video from Monday’s meeting. I was not available to operate the system. The minutes will be posted on our website when they are approved.
     This is the message from Amber Strazzo, the city’s Communications & Marketing Manager, in the below email received this morning.
     This is not acceptable!




The latest LNP article and a comment posted under it on Lancaster Online (click here).
     This comment into this site yesterday (thank you and click here for the link to the actual complaint):
     Something very interesting in the complaint MAW filed with the FCC…
    Eron Lloyd is listed as MAW’s Director of Information and Communication Technology and an individual who can testify first hand knowledge to the alleged complaints.
     According to the Reading Eagle, Mr. Lloyd “pleaded guilty to federal charges related to a bribery scheme in which representatives of engineering firms provided campaign contributions to former Mayor Vaughn D. Spencer in exchange for city contracts.” He is currently awaiting sentencing.
     Yes, google Eron Lloyd in Reading, PA! He is awaiting sentencing. Unbelievable! Did anyone in Lancaster take a bribe?
Please check back later today.


  1. StedmanSUCKS says:

    “Slander” for damaging a fake reputation you cultivated by manipulating the news media and the public? Good luck finding 12-jurors who agree you are NOT a lying, greedy corrupt POS that the commissioners and everyone else are just now learning the truth about, Mr. Stedman. As a lawyer, you should know that truth is an absolute defense to slander. It’s more likely you are deflecting attention from the slander lawsuits that are about to be filed against YOU…by Fetterman and myself, to name just two. SCUMBAG.

  2. Truth matters says:

    What was the secret payoff Scott Martin made to the innocent driver they tried to blame? When Scott Martins Sister who was high on drugs and driving killed her husband and killed her young son and severely injured her daughter. Why was this criminal not charged with any crime? The Truck driver was charged with many crimes and his only wrong was driving in the left lane. How can a hardworking truck driver with a passenger who were not high on any illegal drugs or drunk be charged with so many crimes? It must be nice to be Scott Martins Sister. Take illegal drugs put everyone in the county in danger then kill two innocent people and injure a little girl. These people counted on you and you killed them. Why don’t you have any responsibility in this? Oh yes your brother is Scott Martin and the other county administrators are just as corrupt as him!

  3. Layne Kisster says:

    No Steady. You’re doing to good a job of that. LOL!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anyone else read the letter from Stedman. It is actually very interesting. Don’t know how much is true, but seems like a lot of it would have paperwork somewhere to at least partially back it up. Also, alot of information not previously made public by LNP, although I did see ABC27’s earlier report saying the county controller had, in fact, given Stedman the county’s permission to lease the vehicle. ABC27 says they actually have the letter and I think that makes it very unlikely the commissioners did not know about this before. Also interesting that the controller supposedly has previously returned checks from Stedman for overpayments on mileage…..would love to see those to see if they actually do exist. Going to be very interesting to see this play out.

  5. huh? says:

    Interesting that Carter Walker’s coverage has now been taken over by Jeff Hawked. I enjoyed reading Carter’s original story that took the perfectly staged Libre press conference to Stedman getting into his leased SUV. I hope that they don’t muzzle Walker. He has a nice way with words.

  6. huh? says:

    That latest pic looks like he has horns growing out of the back of his head.

  7. Ohwellist says:

    Amber is a lot like Matt J. That meeting was important it should of been recorded. She should of found someone to take her place to record. She may be one that wrote in as anonymous last week. Her personality was showing. Shes sliiiick.

  8. Ohwellist says:

    Stedman damaged his own reputation when he allowed all the murder files to build up and when he favored the family of people in high places. This man has no ethics whatsoever. He should of been out of that office a long time ago. Did anybody notice him looking towards the floor when asked about the murder? He cant look anyone in the face anymore lol. Those eyes are the windows to his soul. Its funny he thought he was untouchable lol Now that hes been exposed you see how he looks… Like a scared little boy. I love seeing people humble themselves lol

  9. Layne Kisster says:

    Electa female mayor Dick-get a female mayor Dick

  10. huh? says:

    But of course the city government isn’t affected by this debacle.

    I often see it mentioned that they haven’t lost MAW services but IIRC, I’ve never read the reason why they aren’t affected.

  11. Mike says:

    Heard that MAW used city equipment, and city employees during the normal work day, to dig/build the substations for the project. MAW didn’t have the equipment or personnel to do it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Oops. Todd Culp.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I see that the resident “expert witness” Dean has weighed in under Tony Culp’s comment.

  14. Bill says:

    This FCC complaint is very interesting as a lot of documents are being publicly posted that weren’t previously available. Haven’t finished reading but PPL’s letter rejecting mediation has an enourmous amount of info related to the Lehigh county case (

    Something not reported but highlighted in their letter

    “MAW’s own former employee Joseph Staboleski testified that MAW’s unauthorized attachments were made throughout the City of Lancaster in disregard of PPL’s standards, in disregard of known NESC standards, and in disregard of third party attacher rights. Id. at 48. Mr. Staboleski further explained that: (i) MAW’s applications were never authorized because MAW’s President did not want to pay the make-ready costs (Id. at 23-24); (ii) there was nothing unreasonable about PPL’s standards (Id. at 28); (iii) MAW’s violations of the 40-inch safety space were very dangerous (Id. at 30); and (iv) he left MAW because he was hounded for months by MAW’s decision to continue to build illegally (Id.).”

    When PPL files their response in mid March will definitely be something to watch.

  15. Anonymous says:

    There were one or two city employees who were either fired or left in the past year…

  16. Becky says:

    This comment came in under the post below and I am also moving it here:

    Becky you do realize that the owner of MAW is the brother of Brian Wizkowski who used to work for the city police when MAW was awarded the contract for this.

    The last name is spelled Wiczkowski for both and I have confirmed they are brothers.