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     There’s no surprise in the LNP story, “Stedman suspended Fetterman for reasons ‘related to political campaign activities,’ violating policy county,” (click here).
     On February 12, I published the below (click here for the original). Withdraw your candidacy for judge today, Stedman! 


      From numerous sources, this is what I was told about Fetterman’s suspension:
     Fetterman was suspended after a verbal blowup at a meeting with Stedman on Wednesday, January 30th.  The meeting occurred after Fetterman’s attorney, Michael Hess of Burke and Hess, wrote a letter critical of Stedman to the Republican Committee of Lancaster County. 
    The letter called out Stedman for meddling in the district attorney race and actively supporting his Assistant District Attorney Karen Mansfield to replace him among other things.  Actively supporting a candidate for another office is a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct, which applies to candidates for judge. 
     On the Saturday morning after Fetterman was suspended, the county commissioners had an emergency meeting and directed Stedman to reinstate Fetterman.  Stedman didn’t follow personnel policy when he suspended Fetterman.  The County was afraid of a lawsuit because Stedman suspended Fetterman for political reasons. 


**   “We were unable to get the livestream going last night, however the meeting was recorded and the files are currently exporting. The video will be available on our YouTube page by this afternoon.”
      This email just in and below. Hire Tony Dastra for heaven’s sake! This is unbelievable!

*    I have emailed Amber Strazzo and apparently they are trying to get something up (click here)! The frame on the far left with the empty chairs…stay tuned…


      Where is the livestream of last night’s city council meeting? This is unbelievable incompetence! I will be making phone calls and sending emails today.
Please check back later today. 


  1. Anon says:

    Larson doesn’t care. He is quitting to go to Georgelis…remember? He did what he did at Stedman’s behest. They both knew he was leaving and the whole thing was set up by the two of them. And they could care less about H.R.’s “recommendations”.
    The bigger question for county officials is 1) Why does Larson have a fellow employee’s personnel file and who gave it to him? That employee – Fetterman, I assume – has a helluva lawsuit.

  2. huh? says:

    Also, Larsen has been sanctioned and is in danger of being terminated because of brandishing what sounds to be Fettermans confidential employee file for political purposes.

    A few weeks ago, I wrote here that Larsen’s access to the confidential file of a defendant’s daughter’s psychological file was not so improbable.

    Well, here is a documented example of him doing that very same underhanded thing. It shows that he is capable of subterfuge for personal aggrandizement.

  3. huh? says:

    Regarding the latest on Stedman Vs Fetterman. Didn’t the LNP’s initial report claim that Stedman suspended Fetterman because​ of sexual harassment accusations?

  4. What is going in this county? says:

    Thank You Layne Kisster
    Thank You Not above the Law
    Thank You Got You
    Thank You Give it up

    So many valid points I am slowly becoming proud to be a Lancastrian again.

    Stedman has proven himself to be a criminal and the Republican Party which I am a member of still endorses him? Where are our values how can this person be a judge. We should be thankful he has proven himself before we hand him such power. Does our GOP not support the values of honesty?

    Where is Stedmans friend or should we say fair weather friend Scott Martin? After every law Stedman has broken for Martin does he own his buddy some support? Scott Martin is such a disgrace he makes our beautiful county a joke. Amber Martin is unfit for any position in this county including dog catcher she is much too mean for this position. Scott and amber are only in politics for themselves. Will the newspaper regain their reputation by distancing themselves from these individuals who prove consistently they should not be representing us. Lancaster county can do so much better than these individuals. To find three people of such low character we really scraped the bottom of the barrel.

  5. Not above the law says:

    Not above the law

    Truth Matters
    Thank you for the compliment
    But I have to say everything I know about Scott Martin
    and company
    I have learned from this website (Becky) is responsible
    For this information getting out there
    I just mentioned a very small part of what( Becky)
    LIP news has reported on

    But I thank you
    But really it’s Becky
    LIP News

    Lancaster’ online is charging for a prescription
    and Becky’s website is free
    With much more informative news. and information
    I think her readers
    Need to make up flyers and passed them out in their neighborhoods
    put them on cars
    Be creative
    In your churches
    in your schools
    so people know where to get their news
    before they go.

    Again what a wonderful compliment
    So Becky you need to run for commissioner or a higher office
    Thank you Truth Matters

  6. Give it up says:

    Give it up

    A quick break from the serious news
    ( It’s true ) Amber Martin has been out collecting signatures for Herself. for the 2020 Election She’s trying to run for Commissioner
    Without the Republican party support
    Hey Republican party
    She’s giving you her middle finger

    She has signatures from children
    The dead has signed
    And yes you have signed
    Even if you say you haven’t she will Say You’re a liar you did sign

    Amber Martin is taking a page from her husband’s play book Scott Martin did the same thing running for state senator

    You know Amber and Scott Martin’s motto
    ME ME ME
    So funny.

    Hey Amber Martin
    You are not qualified to even be Lancaster’ County Treasury
    Did you ever take out insurance/bond on our tax dollars
    What a couple years after the fact.
    After you were caught

    No Republican ran against you/ Amber Martin
    for the Lancaster’ County Treasury position
    that is the only reason why You won the election
    in a Republican county

  7. Truth Matters says:

    Wow! Not above the Law. You are a hero to this county! You are the truth this county needs. Can we find out who this person is and elect them to county commissioner! Or even something higher. You are right where is Scott Martin? His friend needs him and he hides. Scott Martin is s true coward showing his true colors. If Stedman cannot count on Martin then Martin is truly useless. Why doesn’t LNP develop a conscience and report truth maybe then the subscription rates will climb and not plummet as they have.

    Not above the law – I must say this county is proud of you and greatly thanks you for standing up for the truth!

  8. Got You says:

    Got you

    Not above the law
    I remember that post
    Amber Martin puts up posters
    All over Her Office to

    I remember the Expensive chairs
    the dinners
    the massage therapist
    Blowing horns
    Office parties during work hours

    Also Amber Martin’s husband Senator Scott Martin used to work for a lobbyist in Harrisburg
    After He was commissioner and Before taking His Senate seat
    Isn’t that illegal to work for a lobbyist waiting to take His Senate seat
    Scott Martin worked for
    Mike. Musser
    Musser runs Community Network Resources.
    It’s a Lobbyist firm
    Martin was employed their from January 2016 to January 2017.
    Martin work for Musser for 13 months
    Maybe Martin still works there or getting paid.
    So what does Musser get in return ?

    Is Musser still on Linkedin?

    Plus I remember Amber Martin threatening. Becky
    I don’t remember what it was about but
    I remember Becky Saying
    You better get a better lawyer
    I love how Becky. does not back down When she’s
    Right she doesn’t get intimidated.
    Thanks Becky for exposing all these

    Tramps ! and Thieves !

  9. Not above the law says:

    Not above the law

    Comment to Arch Angel
    March the 8th/10th I 100% agree with you Stedman and Martin Are definitely Partners in crime
    Martin became commissioner in 2008
    The same year Stedman became D.A 2008
    Craig Stedman
    Is always protected Martin

    Martin’s sister Katie West
    Was high on heroin
    Katie killed 2 people
    Hospitalizing 2
    No one in the car Was wearing seatbelts
    No charges Stedman said she/ Katie suffered enough
    2 people DEAD And she suffered enough
    What about their lives
    Was it because you are friends with Martin
    Craig Stedman Your best friend your partner in crime

    Craig Stedman has done so many favors for Martin
    Where’s Martin when You Craig need a friend
    Absent -not there- don’t care

    Start talking Craig and take your friend Scott Martin down with you
    Don’t go down alone

    Martin Is the. architect that bailed out the Marriott/convention center with (Our tax dollars)

    Martin dipping his hands in the pipeline cookie jar

    The list goes on and On

    This past summer Somebody posted On Becky’s website Amber Martin Lancaster’ county treasurer Bought expensive chairs for all of her employees
    (with our tax dollars)
    Amber Martin On Fridays would bring in massage therapists to massage
    her and her employees
    She takes her staff out to dinner on Fridays
    Martin has parties in the office. Blowing horns.
    Bringing in lunch Again (on our tax dollars ) Amber Martin Disrespecting the other departments next to the Treasury office Disruptive This says a lot about who Amber Martin is
    She runs her office like a first grade classroom
    don’t forget Amber Martin never took out Bonds/ insurance. On our tax dollars After she was Exposed She did a post Dated bond/insurance
    Which is illegal

    Keep digging there is a lot of corruption with our tax dollars And don’t forget they use their positions
    To make More money
    Keep Looking you will see

  10. Layne Kisster says:

    LNP act in the public interest and become a real newspaper? Won’t happen. Too many corrupt wanna-be-elected who will gladly become LNP lapdogs in exchange for being asked questions like: “who do you think makes the best chicken corn soup?” As opposed to; “Can you explain this $18,000 dollar missing from your office account?”

  11. Truth Matters says:

    Stedman broke the law and feels he is above the laws he is supposed to uphold. What kind of example is this on the next generation. The DA is a criminal. It took long enough for certain politicians to stand up for what is right. It is good to see they finally have a conscience. Maybe one day LNP will understand that they are dying because the county is not stupid. Everyone in the county knows the newspaper has supported some very corrupt politicians. Stedman needs to go and as soon as the truth about Scott Martin comes out the newspaper has to decide if they want to go down with Scott Martins sinking ship or do what is right.

  12. Layne Kisster says:

    Mayor Dickina wants to be as transparent as Mayor Dick was

  13. Anonymous says:

    Easy answer: they took it over to shut it down.

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