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     At one point this afternoon, 38 minutes of last Tuesday’s city council meeting were posted on the city’s YouTube channel (click here). Apparently the meeting went for 2.5 hours and late this afternoon even the 38 minute video was no longer available.
      The city took over and announced publicly that they will now be responsible for livestreaming these meetings. If they do not have staff that is capable of handling this function they need to outsource it to someone/a company that does. Period.
     There will be more tomorrow.


*    On March 15th, the County filed a “Motion for Conference” with Judge Leonard G. Brown III requesting resolution of the County’s “Petition to Intervene” in the District Attorney’s appeal of the release of his office’s civil forfeiture records (see below).



     In any other case, a defense lawyer suggested at her trial, Katie West likely would have been charged with a crime.
     However, police said they used “discretion” and compassion in not charging West, who survived a 2012 crash that killed her husband and youngest son.
From the LNP article by Brett Hambright, (now the DA’s spokesman), “Police used “discretion” in not charging surviving driver who was on heroin,” (click here).
     So the fact that Katie West is then County Commissioner Scott Martin’s sister had nothing to do with the decision?  And the police made this decision and DA Stedman didn’t have the ultimate call?     
      This is just one of many cases where Stedman did favors for political friends and colleagues. It is obviously absolutely unacceptable for a district attorney or a judge!
Please check back later today.  


  1. WTF? says:

    To anonymous: “monster..hate” I never said or implied either of those words. “Not impaired” speculation on your part. Don’t believe the defense expert witness? Whatever.

  2. Ohwellist says:

    Nobody is stretching anything! You come on here trying to justify her actions, & her heroin usage. She only got that treatment that noone else in Lanc gets unless you have friends and family in high places. Stop coming on here writing statements that was not told to the public or in docket sheets. That man smoked marijuana which is totally different then heroin.Im sure she was still high as hell she had the spoon still her possession thats all day user i dont know who you think your fooling. She carrys that spoon because shes a full blown all day user. Your not keeping anything real not your post your statenents your info on the man you threw in your post as an example. When you can come with facts and keep it real then maybe we will take you serious. We dont do that here. You come with facts or dont come at all.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am keeping it real and I acknowledged it is ridiculous she appears to have gotten treatment others did not. That IS the point. I’m not going to take it too far though and make it out that she caused death when the facts don’t support it. Stop stretching because you want to hate and demonize her. You would be outraged, and are on a daily basis, if the facts were being stretched to make someone less fortunate seem worse than they are. You were all outraged when the drugs in the system of the guy that accidentally shot his neighbor through the wall, and his inability to possess a gun, was used to legitimize the need to keep him in jail. Focus on the discrepancy in treatment, don’t stretch and make yourself a hypocrite.

  4. Ohwellist says:

    I see a whole bunch of justification done for this woman. Heroin was in her system regardless of how much people feel is enough or isnt enough to prove she was high i know users that get their fix in the morning and are good 8hrs. She had a spoon on her. She could of still been high. Regardless what the truck driver was charged with she was also responsible. She got leniency which she only received due to the family relations. Thats the point here. She was the sister if she wasnt she wouldnt have gotten leniency. Lets keep it real.

  5. Anon says:


    The spoon was scorched as if used for heroin, but was not found with heroin in/on it… was inside her purse. It is true that the child was not wearing a seat belt and that the truck driver was found not guilty of vehicular homicide, but that doesn’t mean he was proved innocent. It is more likely the jury didn’t find the requisite level or intent or recklessness. In fact, he was found guilty of several summary traffic offenses.I don’t completely agree with Anonymous above, but at least their facts were correct. Maybe before criticizing you are the one that should get your facts straight.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Btw, huh?, you never answered my question above:

    Which court and case do you keep referring to regarding the public nature of forfeiture funds and having already ruled against Stedman’s position?

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is actually not illegal simply to have heroin in your bloodstream….there is no such crime. They can’t give you a blood test and charge you with possession and use just because it is there. It can be a violation of supervision, if you are on it…..but she wasn’t. It can be a DUI if you are driving impaired and currently under the influence of it, but again, the level detected in her blood was so low it did not indicate she was. That is why the lab doesn’t report such a low level and deem such results unreliable. In fact, I believe they only looked more into it because of the defense attorney for the truck driver and the paraphernalia found with her. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have even come to light since the lab’s policy doesn’t provide for reporting of levels that low. Possessing paraphernalia is a crime, and she could have been charged with that, but that alone wouldn’t support an opinion that she was impaired at the time or caused the accident.

    And Really?, point me to exactly what you have read that is different from anything I wrote….other than the unsupported opinions and speculations of people on this blog. Seriously. Show me these facts you have read that contradict what I said and I will take it all back with my tail between my legs.

  8. huh? says:

    News alert: ANY amount of heroin in your bloodstream is illegal and can be used against you.

  9. Really? says:

    Everything I have read says differently and it was a cover up by Martin and Stedman
    AG should have gotten involved .. and still may. There is no statute of limitations on Murder or Vehicular Homicide
    Either way, it is a tragedy
    I hope she is off the drugs, that is a least she can do after killing 2 people.
    The article says spoon found with heroine, maybe she only took 1/2 before the crash
    I also read that the child did not have on seatbelt and the truck driver was falsely accused
    My suggestion, get your facts correct, your just making excuses for her, Martin and Stedman. Perhaps your related and I can better understand why you make up excuses. Two people killed, and they got away with it because Stedman played his games with Martin. How sorry is this?!!

    I believe she should have went to jail for a very long time. At least it would help her with the drug problem and learn that we have laws for things laws, even in crooked Lancaster County

    Attorney General needs to be informed

  10. Anonymous says:

    The witnesses who were there said she wasn’t driving poorly and couldn’t have missed the truck that pulled out in front of her without its lights on. Just because he was found not guilty of vehicular homicide doesn’t mean he didn’t cause the accident. In fact, he was found guilty of several moving violations.

  11. Back it up says:

    So you think she was just a bad driver?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Heroine, once again, the facts actually are that the test showed she only had a trace amount of a heroine metabolite in her system. It was not enough to show she was intoxicated from the drug at the time she was driving. The result wasn’t even mentioned in the initial lab report because it was below the reportable limit, a level so low that the lab technician testified the result was considered “imprecise”. Yes, people driving while impaired by drugs should be held responsible. However, the evidence does not show she was driving while impaired by drugs.

  13. Heroine says:

    Do you think person driving vehicle on drugs is not responsible? It was factual

  14. Anonymous says:

    I just want to clarify my position. I DO resent the fact she may have gotten special treatment someone else may have not. However, I do not believe the accident was her fault or that her actions caused the death of her family. I think it is extremely unfair for people to say otherwise given the actual evidence.

  15. Anonymous says:

    WTF?, I completely understand what you are saying and recognize that some people get breaks others do not. I agree that is a reason to be outraged.

    However, I do not think it fair that some could argue like you do above, that someone such as your mechanic should have been shown leniency, but at the same time be outraged that someone like Martin’s sister is not charged and condemn her as a monster just because she is connected. With such low levels in her system, that a lab considers the results unreliable and unreportable, it is highly doubtful she was driving impaired or in an impaired manner. Especially when you pair that with the independent eyewitnesses who were actually there and said that she did not appear impaired, was not driving in an unsafe manner and could not have avoided the truck that pulled out in front of her.

    I understand being outraged that she got preferential treatment someone may have not, but people take it too far and make her out to be a killer just because they resent the fact she was shown leniency because of who she is. People want to hate her because of who she is and so they ignore facts to emphasize their point and have a reason to not only resent her, but demonize her. That isn’t right.

  16. WTF? says:

    After reading everything else that goes on I have no doubt if my mechanic had been connected he wouldn’t have been charged.

  17. WTF? says:

    Reasonable explanation. My mechanic lost his driver’s license and almost his inspection license as a result only because he was charged with DWI (driving while intelligent) for having just over the limit of THC remnants in his blood. Shit happens, some cops are better than others, but he hadn’t been in an accident let alone hurt anyone.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I take back part of what I said above. I just reviewed a news article from way back and realized that the truck driver’s defense attorney was the one who presented the expert who said she probably used heroin shortly before driving. Apparently he said it was one to two hours before driving. However, I would strongly question that opinion. Not only because attorneys can pay experts to say anything they want, but because the actual, quantitative test, not some paid person’s opinion, showed such a VERY small trace that lab policy doesn’t even consider it reportable or reliable.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Only giving an explanation to question above. I am not saying I support the decision to not charge her with anything….especially given how quick they are to charge others. Only stating facts from actual evidence. Not people’s opinions.

    It was a technical DUI because she only tested positive for trace amounts of a substance in heroin. I believe they call it technical because yes, the test showed she had some heroin in her system, but it was not enough to show she was intoxicated from the drug at the time she was driving. In fact, the result wasn’t even mentioned in the initial report from the lab because it was below the reportable limit, a level so low that the lab technician testified the result was considered “imprecise”. LNP did report that there was some testimony, they never said from who, that it was believed she used heroine shortly before driving. However, that didn’t come from any lab reports and there was never an actual time line put on that opinion…certainly not one scientifically supported. I think it was mostly assumed because she had paraphernalia with her at the time.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I see Philly is closing criminal courts because of fewer prosecutions out of the d-a’s office. Unlike Lancaster County, where Stedman takes innocent people to trial for victimless non-crimes. Like I said….we dont need another judge.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I still not, after all this time, wrap my head around the comment that it was a technical DUI. Just what is a technical DUI. If I get plastered tonight and drive and get pulled over will the officer let me off if I say I was just technically drunk?

  22. huh? says:

    It’s his opposition to the Catholic nuns who tried to keep the Atlantic Pipeline from running through their land. This is just one link to a number of stories on Lancasteronline

  23. Take Five says:

    Take five

    What is
    only the truth
    referring to about
    Scott Martin stealing land from Catholic nuns?

    And why has this story
    not gotten out

  24. OMG says:


    Only the truth
    Please keep posting
    Please the people you know in Lancaster’
    let them know about this website Becky’s website. LIP news
    Don’t shut up
    And don’t quit posting
    You are my. (hero)
    I like to know more about this stealing land from
    a Catholic nuns
    What is that about?

  25. Only the truth says:

    It’s funny Scott Martin and amber are never at the office but I can see Scott driving around everyday during business hours. You shouldn’t make it so obvious that you are taking advantage of this county. Have you accepted any free meals lately or any gifts? I know the answer it is time for you to be honest before the truth comes out. Have you abused your power and lied? Again the truth will come out. Did your sister get away with murder? Do you try to intimidate and bully women? The truth will come out? Did you steal land from catholic nuns? Are you a puppet of Lancaster newspapers? It wouldn’t be right to spill the beans here but you are going to drown in those beans when they are all brought into the light of day. How could you take advantage of the hard working good people of this beautiful county?

  26. Only the Truth says:

    How can this county allow the DA commit a crime as a favor for a Scott Martin. Any other person on drugs who killed two people would be in prison. Not even a citation. Also a secret settlement with the driver wrongly accused of doing something wrong. The only thing the other driver did was be a hardworking truck driver who had the misfortune of driving on the road in front of Scott Martins impaired Sister. She was high on drugs! Killed two people and no charges. Is this howany itgeecitizen of this county would be treated. What an obvious abuse of the law. Stedman and Martin Scott and Katie should be in prison. How can anyone in Lancaster stand by and allow this obvious miscarriage of justice. This and many more similar problems regarding Stedman and especially Scott Martin are just waiting to come out from the shadows. It will be impossible to hide everything and when the large out of town papers begin to run the stories it will destroy anyone aligned with Scott Martin. The ship is sinking the time for all the rats to abandon ship is now!

  27. my goodness says:

    They don’t want us citizens to know what goes on at council meetings. Pre video there was never any place to park for free and now they are unable to video or live stream it. They only want us to know the watered down versions that make the paper and minutes.

  28. Anonymous says:

    huh?, which court and case do you keep referring to?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Huh: The county is asking for a conference so Stedman doesn’t pull a fast one on them. They don’t trust him, and we should all take a cue from that.

  30. Layne Kisster says:

    Fake online degree?

  31. huh? says:

    So he’s suing to get a conference? Attn Mr. Stedman, the courts have already ruled against you.

  32. Not above the law says:

    Not above the law

    D.A Craig Steadman and Senator Scott Martin
    You are hypocrites
    Becky is exposing
    Craig Stedman sins
    So let’s look at a very small fraction of what Martin has done

    Fox 43 news
    Posted 5:13 p.m.
    July 1st 2014.
    By -Rebecca Solomon
    Lancaster’ county Commissioner approves
    $63 million finance Plan for convention center

    (Google it )
    That was your tax dollars. he/ Martin spent for the Marriott/convention center
    What are you Martin getting in return With our tax dollars

    If you would Like to see Senator Scott Martin Personality
    ( Google )
    Raging Chicken Press
    Article – Senator Scott Martin sticking finger in the face of female
    Constituent Over Immigration Remarks
    May 16th 2017
    By -Sean Kitchen

    2- videos Was posted on that article
    Raging chicken Press
    listen very carefully to
    The 2nd video
    On the same article
    To what the woman was saying

    Amber Martin is Lancaster’ county treasurer Without insurance on millions Of our Tax dollars
    No insurance no bond
    Until she was caught a couple of years later

    now Amber Martin
    is collecting signatures
    so she can run for commissioner
    Still giving the Republican party Your middle finger Amber Martin. just like. (Give it up ) Said
    Amber Martin Are you trying to pick up where your husband
    Used to be Commissioner Scott Martin. left off
    when he was commissioned
    You’re not even qualified to be Lancaster’ county treasurer you messed that up by not protecting our tax dollars
    Thank God
    somebody found out and made you get insurance/ bonds
    on our money
    What ELSE What ELSE
    have you messed up on that we do not know about
    Besides your waste of our tax dollars
    with your office over spending. Idiot
    Here is an ideal for you Try showing up for work
    Once in a while

    And let’s not forget You’re fake online degree that you paid for

  33. my goodness says:

    When we think of the police we think of people in uniform wearing a badge driving around in marked cruisers. We tend to forget that the District Attorney is the top authority for our police and makes all major decisions. Detective Dissinger was only the spokesman for the DA and acting/speaking on direct orders from the top, the DA. In this instance the DA had no qualms making Det Dissinger look like a jerk and making a mockery of our local police. This, in itself, is despicable behavior on the DA’s part.