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     This is what the Democrats think of Stedman (click here):


  1. Layne Kisster says:

    Unless authorities from outside this red beet egg republic investigate and charge, not a damn thing is going to change. Too. News media; REAL news media need to expose the good old boy network here. Lord know LNP won’t. Too many chicken corn soup and where-do-you-go-sledding stories to cover.

  2. you again? says:

    ACLU has handled a number of these cases. Find the lawyers on these cases for help. Ask philly and Montgomery counties offices for help.

  3. FakeNews says:

    The answer to your question is NEVER. As long as Craig Stedman continues to cover up the criminal activities of fellow REPUBLICANS, the Republican Party of Lancaster County will back him until the cows come home. They NEED him to become a judge, or some of the party members would be looking at SERIOUS jail time. I think attorney Hess said it best when he called the local GOP “feckless”. The bigger question is why is the Lancaster County Bar not withdrawing ITS endorsement for his stab at the judiciary. Stedman is an embarrassment to the “legal profession” and they know it. But no one wants to tell the emperor he is butt naked. That makes the Local Bar equally “feckless”. The party has an excuse, poor as it may be. The lawyers do NOT.

  4. FakeNews says:

    All of this conjecture, speculation, lack of transparency, and outright FELONY PERJURY is driving me INSANE! The TRUTH is Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman – ethically unfit for that position or any other position of “public trust” – is actively helping Manor Township Supervisor J. Ryan Strohecker and Manor Township Police Chief Todd A. Graeff cover up their own criminal actions in a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. I know this for a fact because I AM THE VICTIM. I state it here, publicly, because half of the lawyers in Lancaster County and the Republican Committee of Lancaster County already know about it. The cover-up, itself, has cost county taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. I decline to use my real name because I am a crime victim. I will make myself available to Lancaster County Commissioners at their request. I’m fairly certain they know who I am and where to find me.