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     The below is a pointed comment on Twitter by a former employee of LNP who left in September of 2018 to go to the Reading Eagle (the new Reading Eagle article on their bankruptcy is here).
      A former LNP reporter who I believe still has an inside track to the financial goings on at LNP posted this on Facebook:
      They’re on life support. They will be sold or fold within 24 months.
      We’ve heard that before from different sources. We’ll see if it’s true this time.

*  Update from the Reading Eagle (click here).



Click here for the Reading Eagle article above announcing they are filing for bankruptcy. On the right, from the LNP story on the Reading Eagle (click here).

     How close is LNP to doing the same thing? What will become of local news coverage? How and when will the void be filled?
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  1. Anonymous says:

    WGAL is equally irresponsible. The only TV station dedicated to the market NEVER does ANY investigative reporting. 90-percent of their newscast is weather and national news. Or local “news” that is fluff. They SUCK. They barely cover crime – don’t want to turn off visitors and advertisers.

  2. Get what you deserve says:

    As long as LNP supports Scott Martin and his corruption i and many other proud Lancastrians will not subscribe to this paper. As long as LNP continues with fake news and unfair reporting to try to show the politicians they own in an artificial light they will never succeed. I look forward to the day LNP goes out of business or finds a conscience to fairly report the truth especially when it comes to corrupt politicians who make our county look bad in the eyes of the world.

  3. huh? says:

    I think that if true, the LNP will be able to sell. Bigger and more prosperous readership than the Eagle.

  4. Layne Kisster says:

    I think Anonymous’ info needs to be shared with other news venues

  5. huh? says:

    Remember when Krasne misspelled “principles” and the reporter put sic in parentheses?

    If I were a betting person, I’d guess that Krasne is someone who is pretty impressed with himself and isn’t too concerned about job security since he married into the family.

  6. Layne Kisster says:

    LNP -Larson Nailed Pu**y

  7. Rednek says:

    LNP – LazyNewspaper…..too lazy to walk up a flight of stairs, or use the elevator!!

  8. Layne Kisster says:

    LNP won’t go bankrupt. Too much money is coming in from their pay to read online income.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Straight from GOOD source in d.a. office: larson did break foot. Larson and another d.a. caught screwing in a bathroom by fetterman who reported it to Stedman who didnt care becuz he plays favorites. Stedman gave larson fettermans file with unfounded accusations from years ago, which should have been destroyed by now to present to gop so both could get back at fetterman. (Fetterman for going to h.r. over a dif. flap) stedman would have been fired for that if he wasnt elected by the (idiot) people. D- a’s office employees and others in courthouse circles except certain corrupt judges think if stedman is elected judge all of lanc county is screwed. REALLY screwed.

  10. Rednek says:

    “Krasne replied in an e-mail”…….don’t the people in the ivory tower ever ‘talk’ to one another?????????

  11. Ohwellist says:

    I hope lnp goes bankrupt they are corrupt, just like the entire county. We get real news here no sugar coating Of course your going to have “anonymous” writers still trying to protect and condone half the mess that goes on with their friends and families in high places lol They wont be able to get so much treatment after people start becoming aware of the truth by coming here to get “real” news. The best thing they did for the people was that pay wall lol. Half the subscribers left. Could be why they are coming for the Da the way they have? They played by his rules protecting him and everyone else in high places. No matter who they air out now all the people know their deeds. #kickrockslnp