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     I am going to switch up this afternoon because it just amazes me how awful LNP is in every single regard! Agreed, they absolutely should not “pretend” that a reporter was present, but if you pay for LNP and read the above article you will see that they say a version of “according to the district attorney’s office” ten times (click here)! And it is taken directly from DA spokesperson Brett Hambright’s press release (click here).


     The comments section under the LNP story was closed very shortly after the story went up – probably because of the outrage over the light sentences. But LNP does not name the elected judges that gave the light sentences even though Hambright does!

     It was Judge David Ashworth who gave the mother, Susie L. Rehm, one to two years in prison followed by four years of probation and it was Judge Jeffrey Wright who gave the father, Geoffrey Bussard, the sentence of five years probation.


     These judges are elected! The public needs to know what they are doing! And besides not even stating who the judges were, LNP would never think to question the judges about the light sentences. No, LNP never questions judges or the DA or the police!

     LNP is so incredibly awful and they are seeking summer interns they will teach that a huge conflict of interest is okay and doesn’t violate journalism ethics and that they never question judges, the DA or the police and they rely on the slanted DA spokesperson for all their court related news! They are simply awful.
[Editor’s note: Hambright does not mention the defense attorney’s involved, because of course, he is writing for the prosecution. But again, this is something the public should know and LNP should at the very least look them up. According to their dockets, Rehm had public defender Daniel Martin Straszynski and Bussard had private attorney Michael E. McHale.]



    Posted on Lancaster Online under the article, “Convention center exceeding goals for economic impact, study says,” (click here).

*     Do look at the responses in the graph from the HVS report below. They only had 44 responses and they don’t tell us whether they are from restaurants, retail stores, art galleries, parking garages or gas stations! And only 9% say it is “essential” and those are probably high-end restaurants that most citizens can’t afford. Otherwise, the responses are dismal for the convention center/Marriott Hotel. What a sad joke!


       Three glowing articles on LNP’s Marriott Hotel/convention center on Lancaster Online and in print yesterday.
      Under a plan brokerd by Scott Martin — then a county commissioner, now a state senator — the county guaranteed the convention center’s construction debt. In return, Wells Fargo lowered the risk premium to a manageable rate. The county’s guarantee remains in effect for the life of the bonds.
From the LNP article above, “Collaboration agreement, economy help keep convention center on solid financial footing,” (click here).
     Yes, and LNP has certainly thanked Scott Martin many, many times over with their coverage or lack thereof! This is why every code of journalism ethics in this country states that LNP’s arrangement/ownership is unacceptable and unethical. And it obviously is and they lie to the public!
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  1. WTF? says:

    I agree that by the time the refinance was proposed the commissioners had little choice. Too far down the CC road.

  2. WTF? says:

    Gib brought in State seed money in the beginning right? He was instrumental in getting the ball rolling. I spoke with Gib’s chief of staff quite a bit back then. We had to agree to disagree as gentleman are able to do. My opinion doesn’t count for much. Gib’s opinion was what counted, I’m fine with that.

  3. Talking says:

    I’m no fan of Scott Martin but I actually give him credit, or whoever crafted that complex financial deal for him, for buying whatever time his plan bought for all of us. Martin did NOT approve this debacle..that was:

    -Paul “Whatever Dale Wants – Dale Gets” Thibault
    -Ron “I Vote 100% of the Time with Paul” Ford
    -Terry “Paul Already Has 2 Votes I Can Stay Home” Kauffman

    The mess was left for Martin who did what he could. The original 3 cast the die and handcuffed their successors by borrowing money long before it was needed to create a debt that could not be reversed and wasted hundred of thousands of extra dollars to do so.

  4. Rednek says:

    What is missing from all these stories???

    How about the financial ‘bottom line’ for both the CC and Marriott? How much is the CC losing each year? How much is the taxpayer supported Marriott making each year? How much rental revenue is being siphoned away from the CC and funneled into Hotel space??

    Questions, questions, questions!! When will those who are being held hostage get any answers???

  5. WTF? says:

    Besides that, CC was largely Gib Armstrong’s pet. Martin would never go against that plan even if in his private thoughts he understood this was socialism. Publicly saying that would take guts. So… ain’t gonna happen.

  6. WTF? says:

    Familiarity breeds affinity. That’s a well known aspect of the human condition. A HACC campus would have exposed thousands of young suburbanites to city life. Unfortunately all political decisions are based on the next campaign cycle, not necessarily the long term best interests of the constituents. Reality bites.

  7. WTF? says:

    I always thought the HACC campus instead of the LCCC would have been the wiser choice. Thousands of young people from all over being exposed to a renovated City to serve their tastes seemed a better long term strategy. Like RJ Reynolds, get em while they’re young and you have a customer for life.

    • Becky says:

      I will never forget driving through Lancaster with a friend years ago and she pointed to the Watt & Shand building and said in disbelief, “They want to put a convention center in there.”

  8. WTF? says:

    In all honesty if it hadn’t been Martin it would have been one of the other commissioners. I can’t read the articles as I don’t subscribe to LNP but if memory serves me the boondoggle was built or almost built. Failure wasn’t an option at that point. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. If I were a competing hotelier operating completely within free market confines, seeing the 42 percent of rents that could have been mine, well, you know.

  9. WTF? says:

    So in other words in Wells Fargo’s eyes LCCC was high risk unless they had a co-signer for the debt. You know, like Mom and Dad co-signing for a first car because you were an irresponsible teenager.

    • Becky says:

      🙂 Yup, the taxpayers are on the hook for $60 million:

      Wells Fargo holds the authority’s construction debt, currently about $60 million.