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     The below is part of a post from this site on March 11, 2017 (click here for the original and read the comments under the post).
     So what has been going on in District Attorney Craig Stedman’s office and why isn’t Larsen running to be DA? How can Stedman even be considered for a judgeship?
     There will be much more tomorrow on this incredible mess.




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*    Amber Strazzo just emailed me that the video is up (click here). Thank you.


      This email was received yesterday afternoon in response to my email regarding the live-stream of Monday’s City Council Committee Meeting. The video is still not up! Where is it?
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean you aren’t being followed…..

  2. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    My conspiracy theory is that GMAB is a plant by police, prosecutors, and the judiciary to cover up their own stink, which I can smell from down here, even while sunbathing in the warm, open air.

    Just a question: Has Craig Stedman EVER disclosed ANY conflict of interest in ALL his years in office?

    He may have and I don’t know or can’t find it. But what I see happen most often is that he covers up COI’s, and they are uncovered AFTER the fact – way far down the road. I heard a federal prosecutor on TV last week say that the best way to deal with them – and the most honest – is through transparency. But there is NONE of that in Lancaster County.

  3. my two cents says:

    I like this give me a break person. Good to see a different view on here. I’m actually surprise you are allowing the post. Glad to see it!!!

  4. Give me a Break says:

    Oh, I got it…..and even gave an additional reference to support what you keep saying. But it still has nothing to do with that case……aside from the fact that she too is a convicted criminal. But I seriously hope you don’t advocate for commuting all sentences because there may be some small chance they are all innocent. Because there are very few cases where guilt is an absolute certainty.

  5. huh? says:

    My last comment to you on this matter, GMAB, because I don’t think that you grasped the meaning of what I wrote and I’ve run out of steam on this discussion.

    From the Innocence Project website

    Innocence Project’s 25th Anniversary Donate
    DNA Exonerations in the United States
    Fast facts:
    1989: The first DNA exoneration took place
    364 DNA exonerees to date
    37: States where exonerations have been won
    14: Average number of years served
    5,061: Total number of years served
    26.5: Average age at the time of wrongful conviction
    43: Average age at exoneration
    20 of 364 people served time on death row
    41 of 364 pled guilty to crimes they did not commit
    70%: Involved eyewitness misidentification
    41% of these cases were a cross-racial misidentification
    32% of these cases involved multiple misidentifications of the same person
    27% of these cases involved misidentification through the use of a composite sketch
    44%: Involved misapplication of forensic science
    28%: Involved false confessions
    49% of the false confessors were 21 years old or younger at the time of arrest
    33% of the false confessors were 18 years old or younger at the time of arrest
    10% of the false confessors had mental health or mental capacity issues
    17%: Involved informants
    264: DNA exonerees compensated
    187: DNA exonerations worked on by the Innocence Project
    160: Actual assailants identified. Those actual perpetrators went on to be convicted of 152 additional violent crimes, including 82 sexual assaults, 35 murders, and 35 other violent crimes while the innocent sat behind bars for their earlier offenses.
    Demographics of the 364:
    224 (62%) African American
    109 (30%) Caucasian
    27 (7%) Latinx
    2 (1%) Asian American
    1 (<1%) Native American
    1 (<1%) Self-identified “Other”

  6. Give me a Break says:

    Conspiracy: a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event…

    “Just another reason to doubt the verdict. And I wonder if any of them suggested that the daughter use Ponessa’s services? Wonder if it was all pro bono?”

    Yep……no conspiracy suggested……

    I would repeat my last line above, though.

  7. huh? says:

    Some advice, GMAB. I would advise you to reread what I wrote. No conspiracy theories but a hell of a lot of conflicts of interest.

  8. Smh says:

    Huh? – that’s right! Randall Miller was and still is the attorney for Ponessa and he was a prosecutor in the Lancaster DAs office before too! Just looked him up and he’s partners with Chevront! All connected…..why am I not surprised. Unbelievable.

  9. Give me a Break says:

    When would a prosecutor ever give advise, let alone medical advise, to a person on the other side? Furthermore, when would someone connected with the other side ever take any such advise?

    But I resign myself to the inevitable persistence of obduracy….

  10. Give me a Break says:

    I could really use an eye-roll emoji right now. There is just no end to the elaborate and incredible conspiracies (fantasies), is there?….

  11. huh? says:

    Well I’ll be damned. Ponessa figured in the Joy Woomer murder case. The prosecutor Randall Miller also worked for them and Joy’s daughter went to Ponessa for counseling after her mother was arrested. And the assistant DA Jennifer is the daughter of Ponessa. All of them had east access to her daughter’s confidential sessions.

    The other day “give me a break” and I got into a heated conversation here about the Woomer verdict.

    Just another reason to doubt the verdict. And I wonder if any of them suggested that the daughter use Ponessa’s services? Wonder if it was all pro bono?

  12. huh? says:

    Isn’t that the same counseling company that figured in a major way with one of the show trials a while back? Seems I recall records being gained and used behind the scenes. When I say behind the scenes, I mean that it was never questioned by the media

  13. Smh says:

    Larsen had an affair with ada Jennifer Ponessa for a while then his wife found out and apparently confronted him at the DAs office so it was out in the open and the Republican Party couldn’t cover it up. Of course the fb posts were pretty bad too. Ponessa was married too. Both Larsen and Ponessa even shared the same divorce attorney, Rebecca Chevront. Ponessa then allegedly went on to have at least 2 other romantic relationships with other ADAs. Stedman will always cover for them because daddy Ponessa is a huge donor. Yes, he is the one who owns the giant TW Ponessa counseling place in the city. Stedman does what he needs to do to keep his political career and they don’t have to worry about anything getting out because we have one paper that has close ties to these key Republican Party members like Stedman, Scott Martin, Stuckey, and Amber Martin. Stedman and fetterman must have gotten into a tiff Stedman lost his temper and suspended him. Love the county solicitor letter that clearly tries to cover the behinds of the commissioners by saying that they only knew about it through hr and the solicitors office. Yeah right! I bet Stedman had Stuckey on speed dial and Stuckey figured out a way to minimize the incident knowing how much fetterman know about Stedman. Surely the Republican Party knows since all this has been all over courthouse gossip for years. They just don’t care because it’s not public and they can hide it from us by covering it up with threats. What do they care? Dems don’t even bother putting up any candidates for county wide positions. The republicans are always a shoo-in and that is just a damn shame.

  14. Poor Lancaster says:

    If you want to know why Chris Larsen isn’t running for anything and why no one will support him just ask his ex wife. Chris did some terrible things but the only difference between him and other elected officials is that he has been unable to keep his ex wife quiet. When you use you abuse your position to hurt others sooner or later the truth comes out. The Chris Larsen story of made public would be a lot more damaging then What Fetterman is only accused of. Fettermans story would be a chapter, Larsen’s a novel.

  15. Tom Ford says:

    Wow! That anonymous tip given to the newspaper by the Republican committee really blew up in their faces. They think they control everything but people who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones.

  16. Rednek says:

    If you look up the word ‘incompetent’…..how many Lancaster faces would appear??????????

  17. Brickerville Resident says:

    The IT person left at 5pm. This is 2019, wasn’t there 10 ways to contact this person ? Seriously, you don’t live stream a meeting because someone went home at 5pm All i can say – the person who made the decision to NOT have this immediately corrected is NOT a problem solver and hopefully will be replaced soon. Thats just stupid. Are you also going to tell me if the toilet overflows it will just run over till the janitor returns at 8 am ??

  18. Becky says:

    This comment just came in under “THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES…” post below and I am also moving it here:

    The secrets of the Republican Party would have come out if Fetterman wasn’t appeased. The current DA would never become judge if the county knew his secrets. Dennis Stuckey had no choice but be peacemaker to protect Scott Martin, if his secrets were revealed his career would be over. You would never have fair and accurate reporting from LNP because Scott Martin is owned by the newspaper.

    • Becky says:

      The sound is not good – but hopefully I can hear it and Darlene Byrd is there! Yeah! It looks like the meeting was about two hours long so please give me time to listen! (I was prepared Monday night to listen to the whole thing – but – no livestream!)

      • Becky says:

        I don’t know where else to put this so I will put it here – and let me say that I don’t like or trust Facebook and especially their messenger app. – but I use it. Someone I corresponded with on there and who I believe reads this site sent me a new message several weeks ago under a different name and I saw it quickly once and now cannot find it! I am not ignoring you. It went into some black hole and I can not pull it up again to respond so please contact me again!