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Heather L. Adams (left) and Karen L. Mansfield (see the Editor’s note below regarding Fetterman)

     The three Republican candidates for District Attorney are: Heather L. Adams, Karen L. Mansfield and Mark D. Fetterman.  Mansfield and Fetterman are currently Assistant District Attorneys with the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office. Adams is a defense attorney with the law firm of Pyfer, Reese, Straub, Gray & Farhat, PC in Lancaster.
      Mansfield is the only one I found who has a Facebook page for her candidacy. Her biography on that page is here. Adams’ biography from the law firm’s website is here. Fetterman’s biography on LinkedIn is here.

[Editor’s note: I could not find a photograph of Fetterman! If anyone has one or knows where one is available please let me know!]


  1. W Waverly says:

    The secrets of the Republican Party would have come out if Fetterman wasn’t appeased. The current DA would never become judge if the county knew his secrets. Dennis Stuckey had no choice but be peacemaker to protect Scott Martin, if his secrets were revealed his career would be over. You would never have fair and accurate reporting from LNP because Scott Martin had s owned by the newspaper.

  2. huh? says:

    Give me a break, assume nothing.

  3. Give me a Break says:

    BTW….Love the way people on your site personally attack people that don’t agree with them. Makes it easy to have an open and intelligent discussion about the actual topic…..

    Anonymous…..I merely noted that I thought you were a special kind of person the world could do without because you automatically jumped to the conclusion I killed my baby. Anon….I don’t really see how that was a threat……but whatever.

    Just a note….there was evidence of Joy’s motive for the crime committed…no need for a motive to kill. There was evidence of opportunity and access. There was also evidence of remorse…..she went home and broke down saying she had lost her patient. There was also expert testimony and a timeline of events that didn’t look good for her. If you have to explain away EVERY piece of evidence that points to you….there is something wrong.

  4. Give me a Break says:

    I don’t see where I judged anyone…..seemed to have been the other way around. You all assumed a lot about me and proved my point in so many ways. I didn’t mention how I fell on purpose. I had a seizure while walking down the stairs of a hospital following an ultrasound. No history of them….apparently I had developed some chemical/electrolyte imbalance. My fall was a tragic accident. And what you fail to consider is that despite a couple depressive thoughts, I wanted that baby and did not truly want to lose it. But you two took an admittedly terrible thought I had during a desperate and trying time when my hormones were going crazy and made it something ugly and implied I did something criminal. Just like so many did to Mrs. Weaver. People like you are the reason people who really need mental health treatment don’t seek it…..the minute they admit the feelings, you deem them a monster. People can have bad thoughts without being a bad person or doing bad things.

    I am also I realist who knows all too well that truly good people can do bad things…..most of the time they don’t even mean to do something really bad.

    Huh did a couple of sneaky things with his arguments….tactics that I have always hated and seen as weak….

    1. He focused on one part of my argument….the part he found weakest….and treated it as if I hadn’t said anything else. Throw out the uncontroverted opinion of the expert. My opinion and the facts don’t change.

    2. He shifted the discussion away from the topic at hand….where he didn’t have strong facts… started talking about completely unrelated and irrelevant cases and then implied the cases were the same. They aren’t. Unlike those other cases, there is no exonerating evidence for this woman. If there is somewhere, I will eat my words the day it comes out (and if all he has is “over a hundred people”…out of the numerous convicted of serious crimes every day….the odds aren’t good). But I would also be ok with that. I’m aware of many other cases, including Dr. Samuel Sheppard…but I’m ok with that too. That is our system of justice. It isn’t beyond ALL doubt, its beyond a REASONABLE doubt. The system Huh advocates would see very little criminals being convicted….it would be near impossible. I don’t want to live in that world. The system is not perfect (that’s why I don’t believe in the death penalty), but I believe, as do many others in worse systems, that its the best one out there. Sorry, not sorry.

  5. Anon says:

    Give Me a Break says a comment has no real effect on her and then tells the commenter she doesn’t think they should be on this earth!!??? In three posts she has displayed motive, opportunity, guilt, remorse and a psychiatric disconnect and threatening behavior that is frightening…
    Far more than the prosecution EVER had to convict Joy Woomer.

  6. Anonymous says:

    To Give me a break: Huh is a regular poster here with important, intelligent commentary. You are judgmental, dont care about her opinion, dont like “liberals, dont want people like me “on this earth”, etc. There is something psychiatrically wrong with you- in addition to being full of yourself and having an overblown ego and sense of self importance. You are not important and it is YOUR opinion that “doesn’t matter. Just to be clear, Mrs. Weaver. So go back to doing whatever self-serving things you do in your spare time…which is probably your whole time. Because its doubtful you do anything productive that puts others first. Go take care of that poor child you probably should not have had, anyway. And make sure your husband hangs on to his job so your kid doesn’t accidentally fall and kill himself.

  7. huh? says:

    Twelve independent people, actually thirty six independent people, sentenced Ray Krone to death row three times. Called him the Snaggletoothed Killer. Ray sat on death row for over a decade because the prosecution and their “expert” dental forensics witness convinced those independent people that the bite marks on the victim’s body could only have come from Ray’s teeth.

    Ray’s family stood behind him and went bankrupt mounting appeals. DNA from an already incarcerated man finally cleared Ray and shone light on the phony dental forensics “evidence.”

    The Central Park Five. Trump wanted them strung up before their trial commenced. Wanted them lynched. Lots of independent people and experts convicted the five. And as I’m sure you know, they were released finally on DNA evidence but to this day Trump still has a closed mind and declares them guilty. Narcissistic certitude doesn’t allow for “what ifs.”

    And those are just two examples of the over one hundred people who have been released whose conviction criteria you seem to blindly support. As we know, justice is not blind; it has deep pockets to fill.

    I advised you on being careful with your “miscarriage” story. The wrong person might not believe you and your freedom could be put in jeopardy. I can see that was a mistake on my part because you are either too wealthy or too overly impressed with your certain belief to ever entertain the idea that bad things CAN happen to good people.

  8. Give me a Break says:

    I’m well versed on experts because I deal with them every day. Nothing you said affects my opinion and conclusions and twelve independent people who really matter seem to have agreed.

    And I definitely don’t need your advise/threats/fear mongering. You disagree with me so you resort to personal criticism and attacks. Not effective, doesn’t personally bother me and doesn’t make your arguments on other matters anymore persuasive. It actually undermines everything else you said in my opinion.

  9. huh? says:

    The Woomer case.

    Arrested and denied bail and held in prison for a year before trial. Spirit effectively broken. Had she been a doctor whose lover ODs in his house and dies and the good doctor doesn’t diall 911 but instead dresses the body and drives to a church parking lot and dumped him in his car to make it like look like suicide. And had to have had help… Well, she wouldn’t have spent but a minute locked up. And apparently said doctor went on to wreak havoc in more lives.

    She’s lucky if she is ever paroled.

    And, give me a break, a couple of things… “Experts” placed time of death? Whose experts were those exactly. Over a hundred people convicted of murders had “experts” who testified against them. Only to be set free after DNA exonerated them. Do a search for the “snaggletoothed murderer” if you want to read about so called experts.

    And some advice to you. I wouldn’t go telling that story to anyone about your miscarriage. Women in some states would automatically be charged with inducing an abortion. Look it up. That story could be spun out of control until you would end up doubting yourself. And being sat in jail with no bail for a year might do things to you that you wouldn’t believe could happen to your mind.

  10. Give me a Break says:

    I hope you didn’t think that comment would have any real effect on me. All it really did was show exactly what type of person you are. So incredibility sorry, btw…..must be tough to be you. I will say that I don’t want people like you on this Earth, let alone participating in any type of civic duties. And, btw, thanks to liberals, I wouldn’t need a jury.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yeah…according to Stedman. I think you “fell” on purpose and you are ranting here to make yourself feel better. Do you want me on YOUR jury?

  12. Give me a Break says:

    Not to mention it was the mother that insisted on an investigation and both parents readily agreed and did take lie detector tests and passed.

  13. Give me a Break says:

    Please, that woman is guilty. She had access to the drug and was likely the only one with the child when it was given. She discovered him unresponsive at 6am. Experts said he was given the drug approximately three hours before death. If she was doing the job she was there to do and it was someone else that gave him the drug, she would have found him unresponsive sooner. The ENTIRE point of her being there was to periodically reposition him throughout the night. That is the whole reason the parents got a nurse for the nights. Not too mention he still had a high level of it in his system at the hospital. The math adds up. She testified herself the parents were asleep and she was the one there. She doesn’t need a motive to kill for what she was convicted of. It would not surprise me to learn that many of her night shift patients got doses of things to make them sleep a little better without knowing about it….seems like it just finally caught up with her.

    And I am so sick of people attacking that mother and suggesting that any guilt she felt must be proof she did something terrible. Of course she was going to feel guilty. The one duty she finally delegated to someone else ended up leading to her death. It also probably made her regret any prior feelings or silent hopes that her child’s long suffering would finally come to an end. Those types of feelings are normal and then we often regret them later when those wishes do come true….especially when it happens in such a manner. It doesn’t make us guilty of a crime. I had feelings of regret a few years ago that I got pregnant when my husband subsequently unexpectedly lost his job. Thought we had made a mistake not waiting. Admittedly and ashamedly, it crossed my mind a couple times that a miscarriage wouldn’t be the worst thing. Then I fell and did miscarry. I hated myself. It doesn’t mean I fell on purpose.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Have to wonder why she voluntarily gave up her appeal since she was innocent. Even if she took it on pro se. Her brother is a lawyer in York County. And why was she denied parole while considered a model prisoner? One way to silence critics – keep ’em in jail. Wonder who spoke on her behalf – or against her – at the parole hearing. And aren’t hearings, by their very nature, public? There is a lot the public doesn’t know about this case. NONE of it flattering for Stedman and his corrupt office. He didnt like her blogging.

  15. Anonymous says:

    , Woomer was Introducing BTU denied bail and has been locked up since her arrest Oct. 7, 2008. The case alarmed the nursing community who followed the trial very closely. Many nurses lamented to me that what may have ultimately swayed the jury — Woomer’s ex-husband’s testimony that he found needles in her nursing smock — was a common practice by nurses to forget to remove items from their pockets.

    I was reminded of this case again at the Warwick Republican Winter Dinner at the Sutter Inn in January whose guest list included most of the parties involved in Woomer’s case: Stedman, Totaro, Patterson, Ashworth and myself.  So many nuances of the case rushed into my head as I recently retold the story to my friends and family. While I knew Woomer had exhausted all of her appeals,I had assumed she would have been paroled by now.

    However, that’s not the case.

    When I discovered she was still in prison, I filed a RTK Right-To-“No”-Law request to find out why she was denied parole last summer by the State Correctional Institution at Muncy.

    What I learned — and what is an associated topic of my story on A1 today — is that prisoners, who, by the way, make up the bulk of RTK requests filed in Pennsylvania, aren’t entitled to hear what the parole board discussed in determining their parole status.

    Share this:
    About Patrick Burns

    Lisa Feerrar
    January 10, 2019 at 12:25 am
    Hi Patrick. I was a character witness for Joy during that trial, which was a travesty. Because I was a witness, I wasn’t able to be in the court room during the trial. But someone from Joy’s church where she was the music director, was there for every minute of the trial. He said it was “like a death from a thousand cuts”. When Joy’s former husband Ron decided to push in the knife for the final cut, Joy’s fate was sealed. Amaziingly, with no physical evidence and no motive, Joy was convicted. Why? Because Detective Geesey already determined she was guilty. Because she and her family weren’t natives of Lancaster County, even though they were longtime residents. Because no one wanted to believe that the obvious suspect, the boy’s mother, could possibly kill her son. She had more reason than anyone to do it. Why did she beg to have Joy there that night? She prepared his IV bags that day. She was completely overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for him and his siblings. She also is a member of a prominent family in Lancaster County and is well-connected. Joy was neither. Friends and relatives of Joy’s have heard that the reason why Joy was denied release was because of the Weaver family’s influence to keep her in prison.
    You continue to think about this case as we all do. Justice was not served here. An innocent person was framed because of a few powerful people who took “justice” into their own hands, and because of a vengeful husband. A nurse and church music director serving hundreds of people in Lancaster County, and a mother of two, now serves time in prison for a crime she did not commit. It’s a stain on our County, and a black eye that will never heal. Shame on the people who know the truth. There was no justice for Joy.
    Thank you for your objective reporting at the time, and for not forgetting Joy.

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  16. you again? says:

    Woomer is not up for probation until 2021. Why?

  17. Anonymous. says:

    And if Mansfield had ANYTHING to do with the malicious prosecution of Joy Woomer, she is NOT honest and has NO integrity. That is why she has lasted under Craig Stedman for so long. She was fired from her first job after a year, left the York County P.D. office under questionable circumstances after just two years. I’m sure Craig adores her.

  18. Anonymous says:

    If Mansfield is in charge of protocol for the child sexual abuse unit, she is the definition of a [Edited – a very derogatory term].

  19. you again? says:

    Mansfield was involved in the joy oshea woomer case. Sent a nurse up the river for more than 10 years to date.