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    Posted on February 23rd, 2019 Becky 17 comments

    **   I took this screenshot of the below four stories lined-up yesterday on Lancaster Online. How sad and horrific. Yes, Lancaster County is a “special place!”



    *     Click here for his biography on his law firm website, Crystle-Allen Law.


         Even though I was born at Lancaster General, lived most of my 51 years here and have a family tree showing Eshlemans arriving six generations ago, I don’t know what “Lancaster County values” are.
    From the above LNP column (click here). 

          It is incredibly ironic that LNP managing editor Tom Murse tweeted and linked to the above column last week. You see, it is LNP that tells the residents of Lancaster County they are “special” and “unique” almost weekly in their editorials.
         They did it on January 27th with their editorial about Mayor Sorace’s “State of the City” speech (click here). Their final sentences:
          And we certainly agreed with the mayor when she said Lancaster is “a special community. And there is more work to be done.”
          The notion that Lancaster residents are a “special community” or have “special values” is absurd. In his column Eshleman says this:
         Then there’s U.S. Rep. Joe Pitts, who lives in Chester County but also represents Lancaster County. In 2004, Pitts said, “There’s a theme to my work in Congress, and I say it all the time … I want to bring Lancaster County values to Washington ….”
         Pitts knows ‘em, for sure, but don’t you wonder if the folks of Chester County aren’t miffed that Pitts doesn’t take their values to Washington? Perhaps they have none.
         And the reason Lancaster County is so Republican and men like Pitts stayed in office so long is because of the Steinman family and thus, LNP, endorsing these fools for years. 

    17 responses to “** – * TELL IT TO…”

    1. Purge !

      I 100% agree with
      keep digging

      Martin is definitely worse than Stedman
      Martin cozies up to who ever fits His/ Martin needs at the time
      Stedman has covered up a lot of Martin’s sins
      But there is a certain judge in Lancaster that also helps the Martin’s out

      Keep digging

      Martin – was B.F.F with Sheriff Mark Reese
      Until Martin took office and then he throws Reese under the bus for the same things Martin was doing.
      And he/ Martin cozied up to
      Scott Wagner. Hoping
      he/ Martin would get access to the Governor’s mansion
      And when Wagner did not win Martin threw Wagner under the bus saying he was crazy and mentally ill

      Martin is a modern day Judas
      Being a friend of Martin is like ( The kiss of death)

      There are many people Martin has stepped on to get what is best for Martin

      Martin has been talking a lot of smack about Stedman lately
      I guess Martin is predicting
      Stedman is on his way out. Martin is wasting No time
      Throwing Stedman right under that bus putting it in reverse and backing over him again

      Martin is definitely a real piece of S—

      You’re right keep digging
      There is a lot that the public does not know about the 2 Martin’s

      ( Yet)

      please keep digging

      Becky. I have not seen
      ( Ida ) post lately
      I hope she’s OK

    2. Pretty much everyone in small town America thinks their town is special. Geez, people should get out more. Self congratulations all round. Funny.

    3. I get it. The masses like to hear it. SOP

    4. About 30 years ago I spent a lot of time roaming the south. I found the folks far more open, sincerely welcoming, and genuinely friendly than folks who were strangers here in Lancaster County. I got so used to it that it was culture shock coming back to the way more closed and clickish Lancaster county. If you’re not from around here…..

    5. Wow can we get more Stupid people running for the D.A spot?
      Hobie Crystle or whatever name he goes by these days I have known for years Couldn’t find shoe laces in a box marked shoe laces seems that between the 2 parties have become a Joke here in Lanbumpkin county these days we might as well elect a stick with mud on it because then we can at least have something that don’t have an ugly background to investigate to see what stink is on it but the smell of dirt.

    6. Wow! Is there anyone you like, Jay? 🙂

    7. Isnt Crystle the name of one of the hopefuls for the judicial nomination who “dropped out to support Stedman”. Either way, Im w/Jay. Everyone in LC is stupid and corrupt.

    8. No, that was Republican judge candidate Crystal Clark.

      Race for Court of Common Pleas seat narrows after 3 candidates pull out to support DA Craig Stedman

    9. Just a quick note on the New Holland prostitution case. In Florida, with the Robert Kraft case, they are worried about human trafficking. In New Holland, apparently the big concern is a woman giving hand jobs. And as noted everywhere on the internet there is outrage about the officer because Fox 43 reported this:

      At the conclusion of the massage, police say, the woman made a gesture with her hands simulating masturbation and asked the officer, “You want?” The officer asked the woman “how much,” and the woman replied “$20,” according to the criminal complaint.
      The woman then performed a sex act on the officer for several minutes, according to the criminal complaint. The undercover officer eventually notified police about the proposed sex act, and the suspect was arrested, police say.

      New Holland Police accuse spa employee of prostitution

    10. OnTheBeachByNoon

      “Special” as in retarded…

    11. Hey, “OntheBeach…” please NEVER use the word “retarded” as a put down. I spent five years working with children with intellectual and behavioral disabilities, and it was a great way to finish my career because those children are tremendous human beings. If you want to use a pejorative put down, try one of the following,and no one will complain: Political-Luddite, Camel Comber, Scrapple Muncher, even MAGA-ite.

    12. No Becky
      Because I worked for the County for years and seen all of them come to work in Lancaster county and saw first hand how they all operate and for Stedman and Hobie they all did plea deals and joked around with each other as most ADA and defense attorneys not in the best interest of the Defendant seen too many of them get screwed because it cost Lots of money for a trial in which this county Hates and does anything to not have one.
      Also as far as the Good ones well they leave after they get tired of the dealings as I did after 35 yeas seeing the corruption in the courts.
      But I do have Respect for some private and Pubic defenders who are still around who do care what happens to there clients and don’t play the Let’s Make a Deal crap.

    13. I agree Jay that the norm is (a) way overcharge the defendant (b) tell em if they don’t take the deal they’ll go away on the overcharge. Justice doesn’t matter. Judicial expediency and the DA’s conviction rate are all that matters. In all fairness, the taxpayers don’t want to spend the money required for true justice. It’s always been this way. Nothing new. If you’re poor and can’t afford the best representation, you won’t receive the same justice the well off do.

    14. I’d like to hear a conservative DA who claims he / she believes in justice tell the conservative taxpayers that justice is not being served equally and their office and the public defenders absolutely need the funds to right the wrong. Truth is expensive. Is anyone willing to spend the money to at least try to get closer to equal justice? Seems not, so I wish they would stop grandstanding.

    15. WTF – You are a hypocrite. When I was convicted of mowing my own lawn you accused me of wasting taxpayer money and suggested the complaintant should have just shot me when you brought up the castle doctrine. “You were convicted. Nuff said”. I have since been exonerated after paying thousands for a lawyer and a property survey. I called you a bully and I stand behind it. And, now, a hypocrite. Nuff said.

    16. Jay: How about a couple of names of those private defense lawyers who can be trusted? I can’t find one in Lancaster County.

    17. Hey Elaine… 🙂