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*     Several controversies in the judicial and district attorney races had rattled the influential committee in recent days, including public statements by Michael Hess, an attorney and Manheim Central Republican Committee member, that Stedman tried to use a file he compiled on Fetterman, Hess’ former client, as leverage to push Brown out of the race.
     The three-term district attorney is also accused of suspending Fetterman for political reasons and is under a human-resources review of his conduct.
From the LNP article covering last night’s Republican Endorsement Convention (click here).
     It’s not over yet! I’m told both Fetterman and Stedman have lawyered up!




                              Heather Adams                     Craig Stedman

      A surprise and a good one last night: Mark Fetterman withdrew his name for consideration and the Republicans endorsed private attorney Heather Adams over ADA Karen Mansfield to run for District Attorney.
      Will this bring real change to the District Attorney’s office?
      And Craig Stedman was narrowly endorsed over Todd Brown but Brown left the door open for him to continue his run against Stedman to be judge. Is change really in the wind?
Please check back later today.


  1. huh? says:

    It might be exciting if Lancastrians actually cared. The record shows that in these elections they probably go in blindfolded and feel for the “R” in Braille.

  2. Ohwellist says:

    Am I the only one excited to see how this plays out? Scrape that barrel! Lol

  3. WTF? says:

    Of one of the top 143 schools that is.

  4. WTF? says:

    Wonder how many attorneys that graduate in the top 10 percent of their law school class become ADAs.

  5. Jay says:

    Wow seems the county is Scrapping the Bottom of the shit barrel.
    Heather Adams seeing her attempt to be a ada in a court room years ago couldn’t even get her eyes off of the Officers in the room she was a Blunder all thumbs when she even talked to a Male officer and I wonder what stuff she has on all the Men at the D.A office this whole thing Stinks like someone is speading Hog Manure 24 hours a day non stop.

  6. Lane Kisster says:

    Craig Steadman is the archetypal oily self serving Lancaster County politico. A brat with no vision other than himself becoming a judge.