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     The majority of Dhara Lalani’s lawsuit against Steinman Communications is contained in “Exhibit A” which is her very lengthy and very detailed “Charge of Discrimination” she filed with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission prior to the lawsuit.
      The basis of her complaint is against Robert Krasne, the Chairman of the Board and the publisher of LNP (he is referred to as “Bob” in the below very brief excerpt). Because this names a lot of former and current employees and involves specific and sensitive information, I am taking my time to work through all of the allegations.




*    Please check back for this developing story and thank you to the emailer for the heads up!



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     What an absolute joke! “Analysis” my butt! And it took three, count them, three reporters to put out this 5th grade crap!
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  1. huh? says:

    Maybe terroristic threats then? But the reality is that Hess has to sue Stedman and that’s probably not going to happen

  2. Anon says:

    Not the law in PA and most states. Look it up. I looked up Florida and you are right there, they are unique. Not what extortion is here, though.

  3. Elaine Keno says:

    I beg to differ. My beloved ex-husband, an elected official in Broward County, Florida, was indicted – and tried – on a charge of “extortion”, when a political opponent claimed he received an anonymous letter threatening that if he did not drop out of the race, the author of the letter would “expose” him for certain things – true or untrue. The alleged victim “suspected” it was Cary who wrote the letter. Fortunately, Cary Keno was acquitted in 45-minutes – because he was INNOCENT – but the allegations and ensuing drama ruined my fairytale marriage and my husband’s brilliant political career. And society lost the most honest public servant I have ever had the pleasure an privilege of knowing. Or will know. So take your “extortion means theft” voodoo law and shove it. A crime was definitely committed here, somewhere. I dont care what you call it. I call it extortion, at the least. And so does the law.

  4. Anon says:

    It is not. The crime of extortion, including in PA, is a theft crime and is the taking of another’s property by using specific types of threats.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jay is so right. Craig Stedman is a liar who covers up for other liars. I also think his behavior regarding the GOP nomination is criminal – as he knows certain people are lying under oath and yet he continues to allow it. It did not take three reporters to put out that garbage fake news on him in the paper. He wrote it and three “reporters” put their names under it to make it look legit. Barely a word of it is true.And I am not a lawyer, but isnt threatening to release false or trumped up info about someone if they dont drop out of a political race – or get someone else to drop out, etc. is the legal def. of EXTORTION.

  6. Jay says:

    Al this Crap reminds me of Romper Room where everyone is just Throwing Bricks at each other to see who knocks who out first what in the world has happened in Lancaster county?
    I’m starting to really think the corruption is full blown in this and the courts on who paying who to knock who out to make a name for themselves.
    it’s bad enough we have to deal with the everyday news of corruption in Washington but this too is starting to become a Swamp here also But hey we don’t have to look under rocks to find the dead corpse’s they are floating down Duke street and people are just walking over them saying nothing.

  7. Lane Kisser says:

    There’s no need to insult 5th graders