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**   Attorney Michael Hess said that Stedman called him and said he knew he was friends with Todd Brown, the county’s chief public defender, who is also a Republican running to be judge. Stedman said, “I’ve got to do something. I have to win. Tell Brown to drop out. Get Brown to drop out and I won’t release any information on Fetterman.”
      Hess said he told Stedman he “would never do it.”

[Editor’s note: The conversation was so astonishing that I dialed back the number for Burke & Hess and asked for Hess to make sure I really was talking with him and it was confirmed! Hess also told me he called LNP and told a reporter everything he told me. Coming tomorrow – Stedman threatens to fire Fetterman multiple times. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!]


*    Attorney Michael Hess also confirmed to me something that I have been told by numerous others: ADA Karen Mansfield, who is also running to be DA, and Carolyn J. Flannery, the former ADA who is accusing Fetterman of unwanted romantic advances in 2008, are very close friends. In fact, Mansfield was a bridesmaid at her wedding in western PA within the last two years.

     Hess stated it was the day after the first straw poll that Fetterman won by a large margin, that Flannery made her allegations.
     From the LNP article regarding that vote (click here):
     In the three-way race to replace Stedman, Fetterman received 69 of the 114 votes, or nearly 61 percent. Assistant District Attorney Karen Mansfield received 24 votes and private-practice attorney Heather Adams won 21.



      Attorney Michael Hess of Burke & Hess has withdrawn as ADA Mark Fetterman’s attorney so he can talk to the press and tell them what really happened, he told me by phone this morning in a close to an hour long conversation.
      Among many, many items that were discussed and will be coming to this site, he began by stating that District Attorney Craig Stedman first came to odds with Fetterman, who is running to succeed Stedman, over release of the civil forfeiture financial information. He said Fetterman believes the records should be released and he will do so if elected DA. Stedman adamantly opposes it and has appealed LNP’s Right to Know determination that the information is public and should be released.


      If you read the LNP story, “District attorney, veteran prosecutor clash over suspension,” you probably saw the comment below beneath it on Lancaster Online. It is excellent and on point. And I was thinking how serious this suspension of an Assistant District Attorney running to be the District Attorney really is. Unbelievable. What was Stedman going to tell the public?

Please check back later today.


  1. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    Answer: Craig Stedman has time for all of this political intrigue because that’s all he does. Did you mean in between law enforcement? Or enforcing laws? He doesn’t do that unless its politically expedient for him. The same way he lets criminals walk when that works for his politics. And he gets a multi-million dollar taxpayer budget to do it with. Every year!! It’s kind of a full-time campaign war chest – but no one seems to notice.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Correction: Obviously meant to say attorney Hess, not Brown. However, clearly Brown is the victim in all of this political mess.

    How in the world does the DA have time to engage in all of this political intrigue?

  3. Anonymous says:

    How much credit does attorney Brown deserve for having the courage to come forward and right this wrong. Clearly he understands the risks to his career in this LNP controlled town. I can’t applaud him enough.

    Ron harper also gets major kudos for stopping Stedman from making it onto the Superior court last year.

    Becky – you are a hero. You knew all along that Stedman wasn’t fit for duty. Thank you for hanging in there and continuing to bang this drum.

  4. Lang Kisster says:

    Unrelated but in keeping with Our sho-fly rebupblic, Mary Dickina doesn’t support a citizen review board because “citizens review boards are “largely symbolic” and can end up increasing mistrust of police rather than reducing it.” On the bright side she didn’t say “frankly”

  5. WhoKnew says:

    hess? is he related to the lady who ran for record of deeds office

  6. huh? says:

    Better that he call PennLive.

  7. huh? says:

    That makes so much more sense than the alleged sexual harassment that the LNP promoted in the article. I am of that opinion because there seems to be a lot of creepin and crawlin when it comes to affairs in that office as well as with other elected officials.

    I did get a laugh from their fecal article. I’d rather read about how Stedman hired one of the porn purveyors from the PA judiciary. I’ve been led to believe that the exchange of those emails was either participated in and/or known to most of the DAs, judges, and a lot of our elected officials.