*** – ** – * HERE IT COMES!

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***  You can read the full Consent Decree on the EPA’s website – click here.


**  There was the below exchange in the comments section on this site recently (click here). The hammer just came down!

*     On April 18, 2018 I wrote the below on this site (click here for the original). Everyone, including LNP, just ignored what Mayor Gray said! Now former mayor Art Morris is stating the cost will be $100 million to $200 million! How will the city pay for this? (The link to the LNP article in the screenshot below is here.)



     From today’s front page print edition article and online titled, “Green projects key in Lancaster’s ‘huge task’ of meeting EPA stormwater mandates,” (click here). 

     Finally, almost a year after signing the consent decree with the EPA, the city is addressing the cost. How are they going to pay for this?
Please check back later today.

2 Responses to *** – ** – * HERE IT COMES!

  1. Lang Kisster says:

    The Dickster was the lapdog for con center interests and so now is is clone.

  2. Becky says:

    As noted on this site, I have not watched the live-stream of Monday’s city council committee meeting because it was not actually available until Wednesday. But LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher has written about an apparent discussion they had on tattoos and converting some streets to two-way – but he and LNP waited until Saturday (the least read day of the week) to drop the $100 million to $200 million bombshell!

    I will watch the full video of the meeting this weekend!