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     I am doing some research this afternoon (see the comments under this post). As I mentioned previously, I have received several emails and phone calls from different individuals concerning the two assistant district attorneys running to be district attorney – Mark Fetterman and Karen Mansfield.
     Most recently I received an anonymous letter in the mail that stated Stedman is backing Mansfield to replace him and the writer defended Fetterman against disturbing events in his past and blasted Mansfield.
     I can’t post any of the specifics without verification and I am working on that. My question is: Have these two candidates been thoroughly vetted or are the Republicans putting up highly questionable candidates?
     Does Lancaster County really want another Mark Reese? What the hell is going on and where is LNP?



From the LNP editorial on Martin Luther King Day, “A day for honoring MLK’s legacy [opinion],” (click here).

*    That is certainly a strongly worded editorial! The sad irony and absolute hypocrisy: LNP is directly responsible for the flagrant racism, prejudice, racial injustices and the economic imbalances that exist in Lancaster County.


Former LNP reporter Tom Knapp on his “public” Facebook page.

     Well, that explains a lot!
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Chris Larson is not fit to run.

  2. Not an insider but I have ears says:

    Calling yourself an insider is like calling yourself a lady. If you must tell us all you are an insider that means you are not. Let’s explore some facts here.

    a. Craig Stedman’s pick for his replacement was Chris Larson. Chris Larson did not run. Craig Stedman was vocal that he would support and endorse Chris if Chris ran. I have not heard of Craig Stedman supporting or endorsing neither Mark Fetterman or Karen Mansfield.
    b. A woman named Heather Adams magically surfaced and entered the race.
    c. Heather Adams has been seen several times out with Craig Stedman and his band of king makers over the last few months.
    d. Heather Adams has gotten key support and endorsements throughout the state. That’s a bit odd for someone new to politics that no one has ever heard of?????
    e. If Mark Fetterman was suspended he needs to tell the public why. I am not convinced it is just that he and Craig Stedman have issues. Craig Stedman is smarter than that and people within the DA’s office have said that Craig Stedman has protected Mark Fetterman and Mark’s issues for many years. What issues????
    f. If Karen Mansfield has or had issues, she needs to tell the public why.

  3. Insider says:

    Fetterman is a good lawyer who wins cases and is relatively honest – for this d.a.’s office. Mansfield could not hold a job prior to Lanc…where she fit right in with Stedman’s agenda. No wonder he backs her. She is a liar. No wonder Stedman suspended Fetterman over nothing. It was designed to be leaked and hurt his chances. Karen Mansfield is dishonest AND incompetent. DONT VOTE FOR HER!

  4. Lang Kisster says:

    In all fairness to the P. Running a story like that could cut into the comfort food on a snowy day series.

  5. Anon says:

    Can confirm Gossip’s account, it is the talk of the courthouse. Stedman and Fetterman had some sort of blowup over the election that resulted in a shouting match and Fetterman being suspended indefinitely without pay.

  6. court gossips says:

    Someone should ask Mark Fetterman =

    1. If he was recently suspended >

    2. And why >

    I just can not comprehend why LNP would not ask questions 1-2. Does LNP care who represents the citizens of this county as their highest law enforcement officer???

    • Becky says:

      I will put in a Right to Know request.

      I consider both Assistant District Attorneys running to be DA, Fetterman and Karen Mansfield, to be unqualified and with very questionable histories.

  7. court gossips says:

    Riddle me this =

    How would a candidate for district attorney get suspended within the last 5 days and our outstanding newspaper does not report one peep about it?

    Who covers the court house these days and is that reporter covering for a district attorney candidate?

    Maybe LNP is waiting for Bretty boy to decide if he will write an article about any suspensions for LNP?

    Gotta make sure any information is approved before the general public sees it.