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    Posted on February 22nd, 2019 Becky 4 comments

    — LIP News will be back tomorrow. —


        From LNP’s interview with attorney Michael Hess (click here).

    *    When Hess told me the same thing, I said, “Call the attorney general!”



         The in print headline to yesterday’s LNP front page story on DA Craig Stedman and a comment posted under the story on Lancaster Online.

         So it was all just a “brouhaha?” Really, LNP? Threatening a man’s lawyer to get a candidate out of the race or Stedman will release damaging information on his client is just a “brouhaha?” Um, wrong! It’s illegal!
    Please check back later today.


    4 responses to “* JUDGE THIS: “BROUHAHA” OR CRIME?”

    1. Just a question, why should we trust this Michael Hess guy?? I don’t trust anyone in this county, they all have their hidden agendas.

    2. Hess interview must be buried. I went to homepage and didn’t see it.

    3. I don’t trust Steadman. He and Scot Martin are in bed together. Along with Scott’s newest wifey. They are all fake and only have political aspirations to move up as fast and far as possible. Look at how Scot treated county employees stepping all over them in an attempt to get Pitts position.

      You have the 2 fractions in the GOP going on at the same time. the Martin/Stedman/Larson vs. the Parsons/ethical crew.

      What I want to know is what is Steadman hiding with not wanting the open records to be released? There’s something there and folks need to know. Fetterman was all for having open records. I wish he would come out and say why and what is going on. Something doesn’t pass the smell test.

      Todd Brown might get elected as Judge if the truth comes out…

      keep digging

    4. huh? There is a link to the interview in the below LNP article – at the end of it – before the pictures there is this link: LNP interview with Mike Hess

      DA sought to push opponent out of judge race, GOP member alleges