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***   This isn’t good – another graph from the HVS report:


— LNP! —

**     What business are making money off conventions: hotels and restaurants (the first graph below from the HVS report).
      Which hotel is making money off conventions: the Marriott Hotel that pays no taxes and was built and is being expanded with your money and is owned by LNP and High Industries (the second graph below).



*    Robert (Bob) Krasne, the Chairman of the Board of LNP, had the unmitigated gall to retweet the above. You are a liar and a disgrace to the public and journalism, Krasne! An absolutely disgusting liar!



      This email in this morning (thank you!):
      It’s been a while since the propaganda arm of Penn Square Partners and the Lancaster County Convention Center Authority… Lancaster Newspapers has been in full swing but they have returned with a vengeance this morning.  Not 1 or 2 but 3 self-serving articles short on any facts, other than those in a report bought and paid for from the same firm that played the same role to get it going in the first place with nonsense reports.
     Notice there were no financial details provided by the LCCCA but I’m sure we can rely on the positive statements of Kevin Molloy.  Can you believe that he even has a job, let alone a 6-figure one?  He was run out of town at the site of his last job and his current job holds virtually no authority as the LCCCA gave away all power to Interstate in the one sided agreements they entered into with our partner PSP.  Paying any taxes at that new Marriott expansion?  I have a story idea for you… a full scale study of every dollar spent at the Marriott, convention center and soon to be (Brunswick) Holiday Inn that came from public coffers.


  1. Scottie Dog says:

    LNP should wake up and see there ownership of Scott Martin is so disgusting it is effecting their subscriptions. As long as LNP is such a biased newspaper they will never increase subscriptions just continue their steady decline.

  2. James Bevel says:

    It really is surprising LNP didn’t get a better dancing monkey to work for them. When Scott Martins secrets start to become public the newspaper will drop him like a hot potato. It really makes his associates look like fools as he lied to our faces while he cheated on his wife and then married a woman who was still married. When people feel they are above the law or morals than others this is when there House of cards begins to crumble. LNP will need someone else to dance as they grind the organ.

  3. Truth sojourner says:

    Scott Martin is a criminal!!!!! LNP owns Scott Martin and this is the reason they never report the truth about him. His lack of morals and lack of character will become public knowledge shortly. What will LNP do when the truth is brought out into the light of day. The Skeletons in Scott Martins closet are becoming more than any closer could contain. Before long Scott Martin will be a pariah that no one in good faith could support his legacy will be corruption, greed, and lies. What will happen when the truth becomes public?

  4. Lang Kisster says:

    Where can I go to see the full HVS report?

  5. huh? says:

    Love it. The LNP via the PSP is touting their socialist project that they capitalize on in dollars every day.

    The day comes when the grand dame is no longer shuffling along the streets that I take it she probably acts like she owns… that day is when the “empire” is sold and the whole lot move to a country where extradition is not allowed.

    Lancastrians will never ever wake up to what has been done to them. As long as their stomachs are full of pot pie and their hearts are filled with hating the wrong people.

  6. Talking says:

    One last thought, while the CC has done little or nothing to bring in new, incremental rooms to Lancaster County, the privately funded Nook Sports facility has been doing just that. It would be really interesting if someone took countywide hotel sales data during the years that both the CC and the Nook have been open, backed out all of the sales related to the Nook and see where the County really stands and what the CC really brings, or doesn’t bring, to benefit the County’s hotels who are footing the bill for this farce.

  7. Talking says:

    Now answer this question about those BS numbers on national convention spending that they live to quote to bolster their case:
    -How many of those hotel dollars are actually spent BEYOND the Marriott?
    -How many of those other dollars (food, parking, etc) are spent within the Marriott or other PSP owned properties?
    -Finally, how many of those dollars we’re merely shifted from other areas of the County to downtown (ie quilters from East Lampeter) vs INCREMENTAL dollars to the County as a whole?