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    Posted on January 8th, 2019 Becky 14 comments

    Posted on Christy Mirack’s Facebook page.

          Yes, justice was served and it is wonderful for her family and those who knew her. 
          But there are  a lot of other families in Lancaster County who need justice to be served. That will come tomorrow.



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          Is Raymond Rowe going to plead guilty to killing Christy Mirack in 1992 this morning?  WGAL thinks so. From the above story there is this:
          Family members tell WGAL that Rowe, also known as DJ Freez, is considering entering a guilty plea.
          The hearing is scheduled to take place this morning before President Judge Dennis Reinaker in Courtroom #8 from 10 am to noon.
    Please check back later today.



    1. I hope that this family finally gets​ an explanation about all of this. That is of course if he speaks and tells the truth at sentencing other than just admitting guilt.

    2. I feel sorry for his wife. I wonder if she is still in the country?

    3. WGAL shows her walking into the courthouse.

      BREAKING: Raymond ‘DJ Freez’ Rowe pleads guilty to murdering Christy Mirack

    4. Interesting that his wife went to the proceedings. Especially since he was planning to plead guilty.

      For her sake I hope she has her citizenship here. For the sake of the child mostly since the child is a natural born citizen.

    5. I think the daughter was born in the Ukraine.

    6. Oh, I thought that the daughter was his as well. I know there was a gofundme set up for the wife and child… a former friend of mine lives across the street from them and I saw that they had made a donation to the fund.

      He doesn’t impress me as the kind of person who would encourage his wife and her child to seek citizenship. Needing something to hold over them. I just hope that I’m wrong about that and that indeed they are citizens. I saw the video of her walking to the hearing.

    7. I don’t know there really l is such thing as closure. Especially here. Rowe was never on anyone’s radar when it came to suspects. He was apprehended due to someone stumbling upon his DNA from a discover your ancestry service. It says more about the ineptitude of the investigation than anything else.

    8. It seems to me the car should have been a huge clue. The DA said in his press conference that at least five neighbors saw it and one even said it was a Toyota Celica. I don’t know how hard it would have been in 1992 to run every white Toyota Celica in the county?

    9. Toyota Celica sales figure in the U.S.

      Toyota Celica Sales Figures

    10. Just watched coverage on Good Morning America. I always love it when they pronounce Lancaster “incorrectly.” Which they did on GMA
      That will bother the proletariat more than the murder methinks.

    11. Did they say 23&me? I thouth it was gedmatch?


      How they can do it?

    13. ???

    14. I’m just concerned about privacy issues here, didn’t they need warrant to go on 23&me? All this time they were saying they used gedmatch to catch killers, but here they claim they used 23&me. Confused.