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     This is simply unbelievable (click here)! This is unacceptable and unconscionable. What is the racial and ethnic make-up of the city of Lancaster?

**    And if LNP is that strict, why does managing editor Tom Murse have this prominent picture of Trump on his Facebook page in what only can be interpreted as an endorsement?


*     Tom’s mistake: Nothing on the internet is “private.” But yes, everyone wants to know what was in the screenshot and does he have a legal case?



Former LNP reporter Tom Knapp posting on Facebook about his being fired.

     Why is LNP slanting the news for Trump?

14 Responses to *** BREAKING NEWS *** – ** – * WHAT IS THERE FAVORABLE TO SAY?

  1. huh? says:

    And now you know why they hire incredibly malleable newbies with “college newspaper” experience and no life’s experience yet that would alert them that things in that workplace are not anything but normal.

    My friend’s statement about ‘we are at-will employees’ is unfortunately the case for most employees. Had Knapp’s boss’s boss gone to bat for him then maybe he might not have been given the boot.

    But I have always had the distinct impression that the place is every man and woman for themselves. Few giraffes if any who would stick their neck out.

    And yet the suspected firer skates along with a Trump photo on his own feed. Although that fact could undermine his reasons for termination.

    And the beat goes on. When and how soon will the family offload the LNP and move to a sunny clime like Costa Rica where people can successfully hole up and escape scrutiny.

  2. huh? says:

    From my NY Times writer friend:

    The most valuable asset of a reporter is trust, and expressing opinion, even if well founded, can erode that trust.

    Is badmouthing Trump on Facebook a fireable offense? I’m not sure. In the end, we are at-will employees. What is acceptable behavior is the boss’s decision.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes…They coach people for free for the test, have lowered the standards and the bar by requiring no more than a high school equivalency and still cant find anybody who is qualified. Imagine that!! Lol

  4. WTF? says:

    I agree 2 cents. Underrepresented commuities need to encourage applicants. I understand all of the reasons it’s not an easy task. Gotta get involved to make a difference otherwise nothing changes. If a minority applies and is hired their community should encourage, not osterisize the applicant. Stereotyping goes both ways.

  5. LNP sucks says:

    FYI, Peggy’s house staff are all black… Butler, maid, cook, etc. Still living in the slavery era.

  6. Anonymous says:

    ….or, just a dick.

  7. my 2 cents says:

    did you read this part of the post?? What do you suggest they do??

    “The City of Lancaster offered residents of Lancaster City free test preparation in the weeks leading up to the test, which we will continue to offer in an effort to recruit and hire more City residents. Of the 121 individuals who passed the test, less than 5% were city residents. We will continue to partner with School District of Lancaster, community- and faith-based organizations to increase the percentage of applicants from the City.”

  8. Lang Kisster says:

    She’s a female Mayor Dick.

  9. huh? says:

    I’m going to check with a NYTimes writer I know and get back to you with an answer about the NYT’s policy.

    Stay tuned.

  10. WTF? says:

    Disclaimer…. as long as one didn’t sign a document promising not to do something or say something.

  11. WTF? says:

    President Trump’s EPA has scrubbed it’s website of words and phrases like “climate change” “global warming” and fossil fuels. So apparently the EPA staff may not use these phrases while at work. No one can prevent them from using those phrases at a backyard BBQ and I seriously doubt they could be fired for using the phrases on their personal social media in casual conversation. Long as they didn’t use their gov’t handle @EPA.

  12. WTF? says:

    I wonder if the Time’s policy applies to Time’s social media accounts and not private social media accts. Though as you said nothing is private. In tribal America should anyone read a reporter’s negative comment on their own private acct that tribe will then disbelieve anything that reporter writes and call them biased. Is that enough reason to restrict their 1st amendment rights as a private citizen when not speaking for the company? Guess we’ll find out. I find the blatant tribalism and confirmation bias sad, but it suits the lazy public and politicians for that matter. Again, sad and destructive to the Republic.