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**  OMG! I can’t believe this! What was LNP thinking? Did LNP reporter Lindsey Blest even try to talk to his ex-wife? She is the one who posted under the article below and she just posted the below on her Facebook page. What is wrong with these sick people at LNP?


*      OMG! In October of 2016, LNP did a story by then reporter Ryan Robinson titled, “Lancaster County couple sells everything, moves to Kenya to build, run orphanage,” (click here).
     Under it there is a very long comment and it begins this way:
      Ryan, this may be a “feel good” story filled with heros & white knights for your readers but it is a nightmare story to young girls. I was married to Greg Dow for 20 years, we had 2 beautiful children. I loved him to the moon and back and pastored a church with him. We discussed going to Africa as missionaries. In the 90’s I began feeling something wasn’t right and started praying for God to reveal Gregs heart to me. In September of 1995 we received a call from the Airforce, our son was stationed in Aviano Italy and he had been injured. The Red Cross provided us with tickets and we arrived to find our son on life support. God answered our prayers and spared our sons life. By the end of October our son was stateside. He was a 6ft 1 infant learning to walk & talk. He aged about a year per week. He was sent to Walter Reed to receive treatment for his head injury. It was a traumatic time for us all. The following March my daughter shared with me that her father, Greg Dow had been molesting her. Our family wasn’t broken, it was shattered. Our sweet April who was 14 at the time just wanted to block it all out, pretend it hadn’t happened. I didnt understand until many years later why she was so quick to forgive. Her coping mechanism was to try to have a relationship with Greg, she just wanted to be normal. The charges were plea bargained down to lascivious acts with a minor child and Greg had to register as a sex offender. I watched from the sidelines as my daughter threw herself into years of self medicating and sexual promiscuity. When Greg went to Pennsylvania and moved in with Mary Rose I knew she had children and I began to have nightmares about Greg molesting other children so I did a little research.


     They got a few “rebellious” teenage girls to lie, he said, adding that Kenyans are “volatile people.”
Gregory Dow quoted in the above LNP lead story in print and online (click here).
     Oh, my God! Send him back to Kenya to be tried. What a horrific, disgusting and poorly written story! What in the world? Send him back to Kenya! Keep him away from children! How awful!
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13 Responses to ** – * – “LASCIVIOUS ACTS WITH A CHILD”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The majority of inmates in Lancaster County Prison claim innocence. Will LNP do a story for each of them?

  2. WTF? says:

    Wish “Christians” would stop waiting for God to do something about an evil. “Evil only thrives when good men (and women) do nothing.” Ever think maybe God is praying you’ll do something about it? After all you’re right there. Praying is easier and more comfortable than confronting evil but I don’t think it’s as effective as being God’s instrument. Same with that Karma crap. “What goes around comes around.” Aren’t you saying someone else will do later what you’re not doing right now? Yes..”see those good people turn their heads so satisfied I’m on my way.” IMO the world’s in the state it’s in largely because “good people” do nothing.

  3. Anon says:

    Is he registered as a sex offender or not? Easy to find out.

    • Becky says:

      From the current LNP article:

      Based on Iowa’s sex-offender registry laws, Gregory Dow would have been required to register as an offender for the next 10 years, or until 2006.

      Police would be able to ascertain if Gregory Dow registered as an offender or not when he moved to Pennsylvania, but that information is not public.

  4. huh? says:

    Probably because she wanted to protect the identity of a minor. And yes I think that the ex was made aware by Blest contacting her for the story.

  5. huh? says:

    I think that Lindsay may have talked to her by the section on previous conviction. It may actually be that she didn’t divulge the connection because of the fact that the victim was a minor.

    • Becky says:

      Maybe Blest did contact her. If you look at the date of the comments under Robinson’s story she posted her comment two days ago – all of the other comments are from two years ago – so maybe she just became aware of the story because LNP did contact her. But why wouldn’t Blest include her allegations????

  6. huh? says:

    Okay I read Robinson’s article and her full comment. And then read the pile on glowing comments that attempted to dismiss what she wrote. None of Robinson’s replies that I could see addressed her allegations.

    I am going to say that Blessed Lindsay’s story was tight and seemingly deeply researched. It was a breath of fresh air compared to the repressed reporting that the LNP foists upon their writers when it might involve their pet projects and sacred cows.

    Robinson either dropped the ball or was “in bed” with Dow’s supporters OR he didn’t want to besmirch his feel good story.

  7. huh? says:

    Wow. Just wow. It amazes me that his ex wife’s comment wasn’t removed and even more troubling that the LNP didn’t investigate further.

    Or anyone in law enforcement for that matter. Do you think that the LNP will suddenly wake up and talk to his ex?

    I haven’t read the latest article. Did the reporter confront this disgusting White Savior?

    Did anyone report the ex wife’s comments to anyone?