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      It’s hard to imagine the grief of losing a loved one to homicide. It’s harder still to imagine the pain of not knowing who was responsible.
From today’s editorial.
     Seriously, what reporter or news organization in this country would ignore something so obvious?
From the article on this site republished below.

     Tom Knapp who is mentioned in my below article no longer works for LNP, so maybe LNP Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy can call Juanita Chevalier’s sisters and explain to them why this simple DNA test has never been done – and if it has – why they and the public have not been told the result? Imagine their incredible grief for all these years. I don’t have words for this outrage.
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**** Also from the editorial:
     The Pennsylvania State Police will be involved, as will Lancaster city police Capt. Mike Winters.
     Oh, wonderful! It just gets better and better! Captain Winters! Yes, he has a real problem solving murders! He can’t even solve the brutal murder of 83-year-old Erma Kaylor in her home that she never left. Gosh, Lancaster sure has some smart killers!
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***  On a slightly different but related note, do you remember this article (click here):     That scanner cost $149,950 and of course the DA said it was paid for with a “grant.” Maybe LNP reporter Hawkes could look into where that scanner is now and how often it is used? Who holds the DA accountable? Why does he only have $10,000 for DNA work?


**   Also from today’s editorial:
      As LNP’s Lindsey Blest reported, the district attorney budgeted $10,000 for DNA analysis work in 2019, enough to be able to work on two cases. DNA and genealogy work costs between $3,000 and $5,000 per case, the district attorney’s office said.
     Actually, Blest began her article with this (click here):
     Dozens of unsolved homicides in Lancaster County will get a closer look under a new investigative unit, the county’s district attorney’s office announced Tuesday.
     So how does $10,000 equal “dozens?” Pathetic reporting and an absolutely disgusting editorial!


*     Also from today’s editorial:
      An investigative grand jury will be employed to hear testimony in cases under review.
     Remember this huge headline in LNP from March of 2017 (click here for the LNP article and here for “LAST ARROW IN THE QUIVER” from this site)? What did that grand jury do? How much does this cost?



Today’s LNP editorial (click here).

      From the editorial there is this:
     The district attorney’s office said it would not disclose which cases are under DNA-involved review. The reasoning? “Publicizing the cases would instill a broad sense of hope and assurance, when the reassessment might or might not, in fact, lead to a charge.” And “public release of such information could impact the integrity of the investigations.”
     This is both sensible and unsurprising. Stedman keeps a tight — sometimes, in our view, too tight — hold on information.
     This whole editorial is one of the stupidest, most nonsensical, most childish, pathetic and butt kissing things I have ever read. Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy needs to resign today!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    WAY past time to pull Stedman’s statements of financial interest. But…good luck with that. Campaign finance? Much easier, but we know what’s on those. (Yawn).

  2. Jay says:

    The laser-shooting crime scene scanner wouldn’t surprise me that it’s in someone Home for other things like Hunting But we as Taxpayers will Never know the Location.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh he is just chomping at the bit to get to be a judge. BTW, he could hire someone to his staff to do the DNA investigation. It truly isn’t rocket science. All genetic genealogists use the same databases that Parabon uses.