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     The response from the city is below. This was my error in stating December 25th when the meeting was actually on November 25th. And apparently the city decided to play a ridiculous game with me sending me reams of paper that I had requested previously and received!
     So tomorrow I will send a corrected request along with a request for the applications for every business that received CRIZ money at that November 25th meeting as shown below in this post.  This CRIZ Authority cannot just go handing out $6.4 million of taxpayer dollars willy nilly! This just gets more and more outrageous! The state needs to be notified of this. This is absolute corruption.


**     A quick update: The city is now stating the Mayor’s address tonight at 6:00 pm will be live-streamed on their YouTube page. The city YouTube page is here.


     From the December 1, 2018 LNP article, “Lancaster CRIZ authority’s $6.4M goes to Lancaster Square projects, stadium, etc.” (click here).       

*    So how did the CRIZ Authority decide to give these businesses $6.4 million? What paperwork did these businesses have to submit to get this money  – including LNP receiving $531,183.15 more for their Marriott expansion?
     I put in a Right to Know request…




      Yes, Mayor Sorace is giving her “State of the City” address tonight. On the left is LNP’s headline online with LNP’s huge masthead in Sorace’s background. On the right is the article from LNP’s print edition with a different picture of Sorace.
     What is the real picture? Oh, they take of each other that’s for sure!
Please check back later today.


  1. Lang Kisster says:

    State of the City by Mayor Dickina

    The mayor who’s clone I am once said; “Frankly. The quality of life in Lancaster continues to improve!” As with his administration, I continue with the denial that Lancaster continues to be the crime ridden sh*t hole it became. We continue to be in denial of the economic disparities in this wonderful A City Authentic. We need to get the homeless-if that was a problem-to relocate in the Southeast section of the city so hipsters won’t be able to see them when buying a condo, or dining at one of the many fine dining establishments. I’m proud to say LNP doesn’t pester me with questions about unused bicycle lanes, pothole ridden streets, unsolved homicides, drugs and gangs.

  2. talking says:

    A couple of thoughts here…

    -It is important to remember that even though they are now giving CRIZ funds out to everyone and their brother, CRIZ was created with ONE primary purpose…channel even more public dollars into the downtown hotel & CC project to a) keep the doors open on the “should have never been built” and rarely used CC, and b) enrich Penn Square Partners who were the primary benefactors of the moron that created it, Lloyd “the schmuck” Smucker. Be aware that CRIZ funded the purchase of the not-blighted, functioning Aussie and the Fox to the Max’s Restaurant people. Now Same ‘Ole, Same ‘Ole continues to battle the state to allow her to act like a woman of the people and give CRIZ to every Tom, Dick and Mary.

    -Did you catch that Park City editorial on Sunday? A 50% shareholder of PSP, owner of the taxpayer funded, TAX-EXEMPT Marriott hotel had the gaul to use its bully pulpit to opine on how a private business should get its act together for fear that its failure will decimate the City tax base. That is what I would describe as “the pot calling the kettle black”!