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      “We have to create that culture,” Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace said of making streets safer for pedestrians. Her statement came during a meeting this week with the LNP Editorial Board that touched on a wide range of city topics but sparked some spirited discussion when pedestrian safety was mentioned.
From today’s LNP editorial, “We must change the culture on pedestrian safety,” (click here).
      As noted previously on this site, Mayor Danene Sorace met with LNP to get their “approval” for her “State of the City” address prior to giving it Tuesday night.  And as noted previously, this is not the way journalism is supposed to work.
     So, did this “wide range of city topics” include her husband being a vice-president of Benchmark Construction?
      Did it include the promised affordable internet for all and the $5 million dollars they’ve given to MAW Communications that has resulted in absolutely nothing?
     To answer the commenters question below: “How is this allowed to happen?” It is “allowed” to happen because of corrupt, greedy and unethical LNP! That’s how! After all, Sorace was instrumental in their receiving close to $10 million taxpayer dollars for their for-profit, off the tax-roles Marriott Hotel expansion. The corruption is astonishing!
     There will be more tomorrow including the outrageous and disgusting hypocrisy and lies of managing editor Tom Murse.   




     Above left, Christian Recknagel, Mayor Sorace’s husband from the Benchmark Construction website (click here). On the right is today’s lead story in the LNP print edition (click here).

     Comments under the article on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page.

      From the LNP article:
     Benchmark Construction would manage the project, which has a preliminary price tag of $23 million.
     Yes, Mayor Sorace’s husband certainly has ties with Benchmark Construction. When will LNP tell the public about this and the fact that Benchmark employees were the largest contributors to Sorace’s campaign?
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  1. Rednek says:

    LNP is a “conflict of interests” just by their mere existence in anything/everything in Lancaster City/County.

    All we, like sheep, have gone astray by allowing this to continue.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There’s been some evolving reporting on how this project is structured. Don’t have time to go back and find the various LNP articles right now though.

    Originally it was reported that Benchmark would buy the property from the redevelopment authority (or from meeder who bought it from RDA, can’t remember), then construct the facility, then sell the whole facility to the Parkigng Auth or lease it to the Parking Authority/library. These deal reeked of something fishy.

    Then a follow-up article described that construction of the facility would be competitively bid and the Benchmark would only be acting as the City (or Parking Authority’s) qualified owner’s construction agent. I.e. they would get a fee, either hourly or a percent of project cost to assist the parking authority reviewing designs, reviewing contractor proposals, performing construction inspections, etc. The article indicated that Benchmark was by far most qualified for this function due to their involvment in the initial planning stages and therefore already had a initimate familiarity with the project. While I’m still not entirely happy with this, this is a very very significant improvement in regards to ethics over how the project structure was originally reported.

    It would be nice to see some verifiable confirmation how the project execution structure is currently set up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t Lancaster required to open up jobs to competetive bidding? The least they can do is rig it to make it look on the up and up. So…we have the two largest construction concerns – High and Benchmark – in Steinman’s back pocket. That explains why LNP doesn’t disclose the Benchmark/Sorace conflict of interest. Journalistic ethic would call for the media to reveal that relationship every time they write about it. Real ethics would call for them to scrutinize it. The people in Lancaster County are idiots to let this shit keep happening over and over and over. Insane, according to Einstein.