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     At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Blanding Watson, President of the Lancaster Chapter of the NAACP, spoke during the comment period at the end of the meeting (click here to watch the meeting). The first very brief item he brought up was that he thought council should hold public forums on the closing of the hospital. Then he said what is immediately below.
     Following that he was asked about the NAACP’s Martin Luther King Service this Sunday at 5:00 pm at the Trinity Lutheran Church (click here for the event Facebook page). Following that discussion, Councilwoman Janet Diaz asked him several questions and that exchange is also below. I have some serious questions and concerns about his answers.
     They will come tomorrow along with what constitutes a “stakeholder” and more of what Darlene Byrd told city council before Watson spoke.

 —  Watson –  The second item I wanted to say in terms of what was discussed earlier with one of our stakeholders – Sister Darlene Byrd – had brought up some items about the complaint form and the police review board. Those are some items that I think we should probably add for the next community police relations council meeting that we have on a pretty much regular basis and those concerns we should add to our agenda because they are concerns of the community and that’s what I wanted to say.

—  Diaz – Can you explain to me you were talking about the police and NAACP getting together. Can you tell me is that something that the public is invited to? Or is that something…
—  Watson – Oh, what I was speaking to was we have brought in the Department of Justice and the State Human Relations Commission and also there are other stakeholders as well – it’s not just the NAACP – and we talk a lot about the police and the relation issues that are going on. Things like, for example, the body camera program, complaints – some of those things come up. The use of force policy and any other issues that may have been presented. And a lot of the items we had  talked about at the forum we had at Brightside.  Currently we’re dealing with an RFP but I was just asking for us to add some of those concerns as a part of that meeting. I think Councilman Soto, you even said you were going to look into some – I didn’t hear everything you were saying. So that’s pretty much what that was about.
—  Diaz – Is that open to the public?
—  Watson – Those particular meetings are not. Those meetings actually have the stakeholders and also there’s a citizen that’s a part of that. It’s a planning – pretty much a planning council kind of council for a larger picture.
—  Diaz – How many members are there?
—  Watson – Mitzi probably can answer that better than I can.
—  Mitzi – It’s 12 people that are involved.
—  Diaz – Are they [inaudible] of the city?
—  Watson – Yes. We have also been looking at adding some more people to be a part of it as well in the future. [Watson looks at Mizti and asks “right?” She says “Yes.”]  This is from last year we were talking about adding more stakeholders of the community and also some citizens.
— Diaz – How many times do you meet?
—  Watson – Well we were meeting when we had all these issues that came up pretty much every week. [Mitzi says “every Monday – 10:00 am.”] We didn’t have any meetings last month. I didn’t attend the last meeting.
—  Diaz – Thank you.
—  Watson – Any more questions for me? [Laughter]



     There is so much to talk about. City Council met on both Monday and Tuesday and Darlene Byrd was there (yeah!) and so was Blanding Watson of the NAACP.
     Is the District Attorney investigating the two officers named in two lawsuits in less than three months for false arrest, perjury and assault? Are these officers still on the street?
     When will the DA inform the families and the public if Juanita Chevalier and Roxanne Myers had the same killer?
      When will the DA tell us what DNA says about Erma Kaylor’s killer? His race, eye and hair color?
     How was the last $6.4 million in CRIZ money distributed and why? And why did Charlotte Katzenmoyer sign a non-disclosure agreement and what is the status of MAW and LanCity Connect?
      And it is that time of year when LNP is looking for summer interns (see below). Shame on you, Ted Sickler! Don’t do it, kids! They have no journalism ethics!
Please check back later today.


  1. Lang Kisster says:

    Anonymous. I can. Unless of course they bring along a list of chickern corn soup recipes to share.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yea even as bad as LNP is I can’t imagine that if the Federal Justice Department was engaged in weekly meetings with Lancaster police that it wouldn’t be reported.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The “Justice Dept.” is involved? Doubtful….as they would have indicted D.A. Craig Stedman for civil rights violations ages ago. Seriously. There is no way he could have evaded scrutiny for this long if the justice dept. were involved. The state human relations dept.? Maybe. The justice dept.? No way. And notice nobody flinched when Watson said that.

  4. huh? says:

    Hmmmm, stakeholders.

    Surveyor’s assistants?
    Vampire killers?
    The guy who lights the martyr’s fires?
    Prospector’s assistants?

    Ok I’m out of really bad stake references. The Mormons call their parishes “stakes.”

    I’ll see myself out now…

  5. Ohwellist says:

    These other secret “council” meetings dont surprise me. The public should be allowed to sit in. “Stakeholders” of what exactly? Who is responsible to pick what complaint is dealt with as a priority? Why is there only 1 citizen allowed to meet and what is that 1 person needed for if the rest are stakeholders? I have so many questions…

  6. Lang Kisster says:

    On the other hand. It might just be the easiest internship in the world.


    Intern: I’m ready!

    Assignment Editor: That’s what I like to hear. Make sure you stay by the FAX machine and as soon as that press release comes through, I want you to rewrite it. If we have to bump the “Best Salads For Summer” story to below the fold, we will.
    Mayor Sorace is doing an eating lunch photo-op at Central Market, so we should be getting a press release from her people soon. Under no circumstances ask her to comment on the event. If you feel the need to ask her anything, ask her what food can always be found in her refrigerator.