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     I am going to switch up this afternoon and come back to the citizen’s review board shortly. I have received several emails and phone calls (thank you!) about Karen Mansfield who is an Assistant District Attorney and is running to be the District Attorney.
     They involve an ex-husband with multiple criminal dockets. I don’t know when she married and when they got divorced, and thus, I am not sure how “responsible” she could/should be for an ex-husband’s actions. Further, there are allegations as to why she left the York County Public Defender’s Office. If anyone can provide substantive proof regarding these allegations, please let me know because they are serious and I certainly cannot publish them without very strong evidence.
      Let me also say that I have also received disturbing information about Assistant District Attorney Mark Fetterman who is also running to be DA and that information is being vetted.
      Oh, my! Stay tuned…


**   The below is the “Factual Background” portion of the latest federal lawsuit against Lancaster County Motors, Inc. (see below).


*     To catch you up on the Bacon v. Lancaster County Motors, Inc. lawsuit, there is a pretrial conference scheduled for January 25th per the below.




     Uh, oh! Another federal lawsuit against Lancaster County Motors, Inc. (Click here for “A SHOCKING LAWSUIT!” and check back later for details.)



     Who is working on developing a citizen’s review board for the Lancaster City Police Department and where does it stand? Why hasn’t LNP mentioned this at all?
Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    To Also Anon: I never said oversight and transparency was a waste of time, I said citizen review boards are notorious wastes of time and money. As I said, the theory is good, but in practice they just don’t work for a variety of reasons: expense, first and foremost, lack of resources/authority, lack of experience/expertise, lack of proper staffing/proper motivation and ability to commit to the extent required, susceptibility to corruption, presence of bias (usually always leaning too far one way or the other)……the list goes on and on and on….

  2. 2 more cents says:

    For those who are unaware, a DROP is a corrupt pension plan available only to cops that provides for a taxpayer-paid large lump sum payment IN ADDITION TO their regular retirement benefits. They are enacted by the municipality and the state wants them outlawed.

  3. my 2 cents says:

    West Hempfield chief is not being forced out. he signed up for the drop pension plan and his time is up. This has been planned for a while.

  4. Lang Kisster says:

    From today’s LNP LOL.
    “National Soup Month: Our readers offer lots of recipes for bowls of warm comfort food”

  5. LNP Sucks says:

    I am on vacation. Just checked LNP headlines. Police charge three kids for a skirmish with a McDonalds manager, an adult assaults a school student and isn’t charged, and a kid is dead in another Amish “farm accident” at 11:30 p.m.!!!???!
    (In that order).
    That certainly sums up life in Lancaster County. Is anybody else seeing what I’m seeing?

  6. Also Anon says:

    1. I disagree that Citizen Review Boards are “a waste of time”. No oversight or transparency is a very dangerous proposition. “Ethics” is defined as how one acts when they think no one is watching. People in positions of power seem to act “better” if they know they are under scrutiny.

    2. You can’t fault someone who married a guy who turned out to be a loser. Guilt by association? Now, if she used her position as a prosecutor to get him judicial favors, that would be a different story. Tales of her divorce would be on a docket on a prothonotary website somewhere in America, I presume.

    3. As for the reasons she seperated from her former employer, reliable sources are always a good start, but w/o any clue as to what the rumors are, I can’t dig for the truth. But its *always* out there – whatever it might be.

    4. I noticed Stedman didn’t have his wedding ring on at his last grandstand. (Autocorrect changed that from “newser”.) Did his wife finally dump his sorry, misogynistic ass?

    5. Has anyone figured out why West Hempfield Police Chief Mark Pugliese is being forced out? I say “forced out” because he is leaving in a month or so, the position is up for auction to the highest bidder on their website, (Oops. Meant interviews), and his Linkdin profile clearly indicates he is looking for another job.

    6. Did I read here that 3 lawyers in LC gave up their own hopes and professional aspirations to get behind Stedman for a judgeship? Good. Now we know all three of them are corrupt. (He is going to become a judge…sorry to say. It does not matter one iota what the vote count is. Your vote doesn’t count.)

    7. What is the point of a grand jury that doesn’t have the power to indict – only “make recommendations”? So the d-a can keep his hand cleans? Grand juries operate in complete secrecy and everyone knows a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich if he wants to.

    8. Lancaster County Motors sounds like a really fun place to work if you’re a chick.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Civil cases like lancaster county motors are a dime a dozen. Are you saying LNP or any news organization for that matter should be reporting on all the civil suits filed in the county?

    • Becky says:

      There are not a lot of federal lawsuits. And the first one against Lancaster County Motors, Inc. is shocking – absolutely shocking – and yes, LNP advertises that they are “covering the news and events that shape life in Lancaster County,” so yes, they should be covering it. And it is public information.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have nothing against the theory behind citizen review boards, but in practice, they never work for either side and are expensive wastes of time.

  9. Lang Kisster says:

    No one’s really working on it. It will be relegated having meetings, lunches, pizza parties to get input from the citizens of Lancaster, and LNP isn’t mentioning it because they need the space for their “Send us your pictures of the snow and share your favorite snow memory” coverage.