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     Oh, happy day! It looks like Knapp is going to sue LNP! Does it get any better than this? No!
     Who do I think fired Knapp? I think it was managing editor Tom Murse. I don’t think anyone else would have the authority to fire a lead reporter of 35 years on the spot. 
     And look at the photograph Murse has on his Facebook page posted in August of 2016. While I have said repeatedly that LNP validates many of Trump’s statements about the press (and they absolutely do), for an editor of a daily newspaper to support this man is beyond all comprehension! Oh, happy day!

14 Responses to THE CURSE OF MURSE?

  1. Jim Thomas says:

    How old is Tom? He says he’s got 35 years of service with LNP, but I don’t think he’s in his mid 50s. Perhaps he’s including his years as a newspaper carrier?

  2. huh? says:

    Somewhere in all of the outcry there was a snarky post from, I believe, one of the local judge’s son in law (?) By the last name of Slaymaker who claimed she wasn’t his relative. Unless Lancaster has had an influx of Slaymakers, she very well may be a relative.

    The longer this story gathers dust, the less likely that neither the paper and the police nor the judiciary will speak publicly. They had to be dragged kicking and screaming to mention the Hanna murder. And they still play games with that one.

    And if they do hold any kind of public event re Slaymaker Walker, as history tells us, our judiciary will take a defensive stance and the paper will portray that as a strength.

    And the sheep will go baa, baa, baa..

  3. Lang Kisster says:

    She should be huh? But keep in mind, this is LNP. It’s not a real newspaper. It’s a newsletter championing the interests of the status quo and safe guarding people related to people who are in the Lancaster old boy network. Slaymaker. Walker. Two very prominent names in old money Lancaster. They’ll spin it that she made a mistake, and needs help.

  4. huh? says:

    So, the same paper that refuses to investigate what is going on in the Slaymaker Walker case gleefully posts suicide as the cause of death for a Warwick student before her body is barely cold.

    I guess she isn’t connected or related to anyone “important.” I sincerely hope that her family doesn’t spend one red cent on an obituary in their heinous rag.

    Article written by Lindsay Blest who editorialised that we should be sympathetic toward Slaymaker Walker.

    Shouldn’t she be fired for that?

  5. Rednek says:

    LNP won’t cover this lawsuit anymore than any other lawsuits they are involved in.

    “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”.

    LNP only wants to report on the “vibrant, robust” downtown and their precious Marriott.

    I look forward to the day when I can once again subscribe. but only with new ownership, management and editorial staff.( I’m not holding my breath!!!)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Coming from a family of NY Times readers, we always saw the New Era as a very conservative newspaper. The Intell was considered a more progressive paper. Which my dad thought was funny. He would always point out that the same family owned both. When Kennedy won. The paper had the headline Nixon wins Lancaster county IIRC.

    The paper has morphed into a megaphone for their business interests and they support politicians who, regardless of party, will fill their pockets.

    They are also loathe to ever question the DA, the police or investigate ANY seemingly racist actions by the DA, the cops, or the courts. The judges, attorneys,and DA’s crew all belong to the same clubs and travel in the same social circles. And if they are especially close to the queen you can bet there is a hands off directive.

    Follow where the queen dumps her political monies and you will find zero criticism of them anywhere in the birdcage liner.

    Only since social media has become a place where people learn secrets held closely before. How many Lancastrians ever knew of all her coal etc holdings and her family’s slave holding history. The Colonel always gave the appearance that he was all Lancaster all the time. Far from it. And their horses and horse racing “activities” while at the same time portraying themselves in a very different light. A light that was palatable to Lancastrians and catered to their inbred biases, bigotry, misogyny and racism.

    Will the paper cover Knapp’s firing? If they do, it will be a smear job and of course it will all be about respecting their snowflake sensitivities

    So, who complained? Anonymous? Fake named concerned citizen? No one?

    I applaud Knapp for stepping up and taking them on.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Interestingly I see a lot of people commenting on Knapp’s page concerning a conservative bias in the paper. I don’t see this at all.

    LNP most assuredly has a bias, but the bias is complete self interest of the Steinman family, not pushing a general conservative worldview. Pro bias I see is;

    1. Lloyd Smucker
    2. Scott Martin
    3. Richard Gray
    4. Danene Sorace
    5. All things Lancaster City
    6. CRIZ
    7. Craig Steadman

    Their favorite targets of criticism seem to be lancaster’s suburban school districts, strange random and seemingly minor state actions, Trump, and in the last couple years have become exceedingly anti-gun.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yea, I don’t think that’s the “right” Tom Murse.

    • Becky says:

      I don’t know about the one linked to here in the comments but the one I took the Trump picture from is absolutely the right one!

      Edited to add: I think the one linked to in the comments is his father.

  9. Lang Kisster says:

    I wonder if LNP (Let’s Not Payout) will report on this lawsuit?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the be nice to Trump directive is what soured Deibert and their short term chief?

    Can you even imagine being a minority reporter and being ordered to make nice when it comes to Trump? You know… Mexicans are rapists and the one Black fan he singled out and all the lawsuits Trump lost for discrimination against minority tenants? No wonder they are so white heavy and the LNP and always have been. And will continue to be.

    • Becky says:

      Murse’s father is also a Thomas so I’m not sure. More irony – both Murse’s and Knapp’s fathers were employed by LNP their entire lives. True!