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     Speaking of lawyers, can this be for real? The lead network engineer for MAW Communications (LanCity Connect) goes on Facebook looking for an attorney for his new business? Oh, I think he’ll need a lawyer alright! This is too much!
     There will be more tomorrow.


**   Dr. Gerald G. Huesken, the longest-tenured superintendent currently in service in Lancaster County, announced his intent to retire from Conestoga Valley School District at the end of the 2016-17 school year.
From “Huesken Announces Retirement,” (click here).
     Yes, this is who Barb married. And speaking of school districts, former Manheim Township School Board President William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP, including Barb, continues. On December 17th, Judge David Ashworth entered an order and the first part is below. You can read his entire order here. This is now over my head and all I know is these lawyers are making a bundle and LNP never went after Conestoga Valley! Hmmm…


*    This email in my spam folder this morning! Oh, no! What will these crooks come up with next? They need to go back to grammar school!



     Did you notice the change in LNP’s masthead? Barbara Hough Roda got married over the holidays! So who is the lucky man and when will Barb finally retire?

Please check back later today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    What am i missing here? I come on first as anonymous, someone else posts as anonymous – says they have a friend at Columbia. I say Columbia is one of the best j schools in country and they tell my to go f*ck myself? Nice people here…

  2. WTF? says:

    Note: Chris Wallace of Fox news was awarded the Dupont-Columbia Silver Baton for journalism.I certainly don’t agree with his take on everything as a result.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Go f*ck yourself anonymous news manager. If you have never heard disparagement of journo schools then you better get out from behind your desk every now and then.

    And about the book? Check out the history of one family’s monopoly on the news media in Lancaster, what finally broke it up, and what it has devolved into. Kara’s contribution” is but a part of it. If a better mess they make pops up, toss the Kara lead in to the second page.

    BTW, how many Peabodys and Pulitzers have you won or mentored?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Which “people seem to despise Columbia’s journo grad school?”. It’s one of the top three in the country, along with Temple’s SCAT and Syracuse’s Newhouse. As a news manager, I would hire a grad from any of those schools any day of the week, just as I would never hire a personal lawyer w/a law degree from Widener if I could get one from Dickinson. If you want to trash colleges or grad school’s, I’d go with “University of Phoenix”. Lmao “Native intelligence”…is that like “aptitude”?. It’s not a journalist’s job to be an expert on everything. Meanwhile, I cannot imagine how boring a book(?!) or article with Kara would be. About what? Who told her it was a good idea to run with a non-story based on an illegally recorded audiotape (under state..NOT federal law)? Boring…. She doesnt have a book in her yet.

  5. huh? says:

    Thanks for the link. I remember that and reread my comments ​under it. Why they were so intent on taking him down is still sort of a mystery but I still think that it is payback for some sort of action that he took that threatened their money pit

  6. huh? says:

    Becky you mentioned the email exchange between Murse etc. Are those available as public record?

    • Becky says:

      They were tweets and I looked it up and they are from February 11, 2016. I have not tried going that far back (Cassidy has like 40 tweets a day)! There are samples with the below story on this site.

      LNP sent their big guns to the Manheim Township School Board Meeting last night: Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy, Investigative Reporter Susan Baldrige and Education Reporter Kara Newhouse. And they lost! Big time!
      Board President Bill Murry did not resign and the Board’s solicitor, Bob Frankhouser, was not fired as LNP demanded in a front page editorial.
      In an absurd Twitter fest last night, these three, coached by LNP’s Content Editor Tom Murse, made absolute fools of themselves and the press.
      Click here for their slanted, front page article, “Manheim Township school board faces mostly hostile crowd of more than 320” and check back later today for when Murry, gasp, used the word “‘half-assed’ in front of children!”


  7. Anonymous says:

    WTF, true that journo school doesn’t enhance your native intellect. That is one way they weed out the chaff. And, true that a great investigative reporter who has that native intelligence combined with street smarts doesn’t necessarily need to even go.

    However a new young reporter who had those qualities would be able to connect with a valued professor to discuss such a situation that Kara faced before proceeding. My Columbia friend is one such resource. Their big “get” resulted in a Pulitzer not a lawsuit.

    Sadly for Kara, I hope that Murry wins. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the PSP builder gets drawn into the mix.

  8. WTF? says:

    P.S. Anon, are you saying you believe Fox news is fair and balanced or that MSNBC is completely unbiased? We can agree to disagree that some reports have an agenda and it’s not to be fair and balanced.

  9. WTF? says:

    P.S. just read an article in an NPR publication last week and almost acted on what was written, only to read the actual judge’s order and realize what was written was not what happened. I see too often to trust what’s written. Seems the more complex the subject the more errors. Journalism school doesn’t and can’t enhance your native intellect.

  10. WTF? says:

    Anon, quite a rant but you seem to have not read what I wrote or misunderstood what I wrote concerning the libel law. Ashworth did exactly what should have done. Some exhibits in, some out. As to my assessment of publications in general, only a few months ago I read a piece in Forbes which contained 3 paragraphs full of fallacies. They were serious inaccuracies which investors may have relied on. The article had already been shrared 3500 times. I wrote Forbes immediately with proof of the serious inaccuracies that anyone who tried in the least could verify as I had. The 3 paragraphs were removed within 2 days. Sadly, damage had already been done. I’m not making an absolute statement, but with far less money available for research and the time it takes I think quality and fair accuracy in writing have definitely suffered.

  11. Anonymous says:

    WTF, Thanks for the additional information on Kara. I got that impression too. People seem to despise schools like Columbia’s journo grad school but the grads of places like that would know the ropes of being put in a situation like she was.

    And Kara, once again, when this is over, and if you read this please contact Becky to get the message to me. Ive got a tenured professor at Columbia who would be willing to talk to you. Someone needs to blow this paper out of the water using facts and documentation and its history of corruption and exclusionary hiring practices.

    The only thing that surprises me is that they didn’t hire a minority reporter to chew up and spit out. You know, the disposables.

  12. Anonymous says:

    WTF has been in Lancaster too long. Its not like this in other cities. The Reading Eagle and the York Daily Record for e.g. Does anyone know why Tom Knapp got fired? Also, I thought Becky said he had filed a lawsuit. Where did you see that?

    • Becky says:

      No, I did not say he had filed a lawsuit. Friends of his suggested a lawyer and he stated he contacted them. That is all I know. I don’t know under what pretense they fired him or any of the circumstances and have no idea if he actually has a potentially viable lawsuit.

  13. Anonymous says:

    WTF’s take on Dipaolo is incorrect. I wrote the post re Judge Ashworth just by reading his order and having dealt with him professionally. He is smart and fair. I gather WTF is very anti-journalist by speaking with such a broad brush. I was speaking, specifically to the order, as defendants in civil cases often hide behind “attorney client privilege” just as criminal defendants often appeal based on “ineffective assistance of counsel” and often prevail on those arguments. Ashworth did not cave to the sanctity of that argument from LNP on every piece of potential “evidence” LNP wanted to shield. (400+ it appears). Obviously, a lot of time, effort and research went into his order and some arguments from LNP he agreed with, but was not going to allow their defense to be a complete wall of silence. Having said that, I vehemently disagree that journalists need to “lose a few more libel cases” to reign them in. The job of a journalist is the same of a judge in this respect: To seek the truth, wherever it may lead – Not to have an agenda (or bias) and make (or suppress) the truth to fit the end, thereby justifying the “means”. In my vast experience on this earth – and in dealing with both journalism AND law, the “journalists” WTF describes are as rare as corrupt judges. Neither, as described in his/her post above would be serving their chosen profession, and I have never met a judge or reporter who became one so they could maliciously, purposefully screw over “other people”. Cops…and some lawyers? Well, that is another story. The judiciary and the news media are not rife with corruption, IMO. I will also say, tho, that I know of no other mainstream news operation that operates like LNP. Not, necessarily “malice aforethought”….but, most assuredly with a bias that keeps important information from the public so as not to “rock” any boats, refuses to investigate anything that would cast doubt on any previous reports,”runs” with non-stories out of inexperience in true journalism, and abandons stories that do not lead to a comfortable place. It is dishonesty by omission that they would not get away with if 1) They had ANY competition and 2) They were a larger media corporation – not a large corporation that happens to own a paper. It is the job of a journalist to “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.
    I will digress: One of my first jobs out of J-school was a small market radio station in PA. I did not know or care that it was an am-fm combo owned by a man who was running for a local elected office and was active in his political party. However, one day – shortly after I started – after I was wrapping up one of my newscasts, he flew into the studio and yelled, “What are you doing? Why did you run that story about John Doe?” I had no idea what I had done wrong until he said, “I don’t want his name on *my* air. (Unless it was bad, apparently). He supports my opponent”. I thought, “I can’t let this know-nothing dictate the content of my newscasts to advance his political career.” It would be a no-win situation for me. I would never know whether I was pleasing him or pissing him off,it would ruin my credibility, it goes completely against my personal and prof. ethics, etc.
    I started working the phones as soon as I got home and, within a week, gave my notice. One of the smartest career moves I ever made.
    The station owner, eventually, lost the election and sold the station shortly afterwards. I hope to God he blamed me. He was an asshole who cared nothing about me, the public responsibility he had, etc. A lot like the owner of LNP, in my opinion.

  14. Ohwellist says:

    Anonymous writing about Kara is hilarious but true lol

  15. Ohwellist says:

    Favyan was raised on Broad St in the Clermont houses behind Stevens Trade. I think he went there also. He wasnt all that bright when he was younger neither lol My aunt lived on the block a few doors down. Everytime we visit we’d hang out front and see him playing with his bro Ruben too.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Uggg, the Baldridge’s. Why do they pop up everywhere?

    Tom was in the Sorace article as spearheading the Secure Income Task Force. Lancaster’s poor sure are lucky to have Tom Baldridge looking out for them.

  17. WTF? says:

    I agree with anonymous about Kara. Kara’s a good hearted honest kid from a good and honest hard-working middle class family. There’s no malice in her heart. Relying on the advice of veteran and superior journalists is the norm if not alawys wise.

    • Becky says:

      Oh, LNP really wanted Murry! I don’t know why – maybe because he didn’t bow down to them and their power. I’ve said this before but at one meeting they had Newhouse, Baldrige, Suzanne Cassidy and Tom Murse all in attendance and they tweeted all night about Murry (and not good things)! It was amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it.

  18. WTF? says:

    Pretty difficult to prove actual malice so reporters get away with being extremely reckless all the time.

  19. WTF? says:

    Court agreed with dipalo the 1st amendment doesn’t protect a reporter who crossed the line and met the libel standard of actual malice. Today’s “journalists” seem unconcerned with fact checking and their editors love to gin up controversy and conflict by taking quoted out of context and mischaractarizing the intent of statements which completely changes the complextion of reality. Of course not always, but often enough IMO they need to lose a few libel cases so they’re put on notice. Do your homework, fact check before you publish, don’t wildly embellish, or do so at your own risk.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what happened to Kara after the newspaper used her up and threw her away. It appears that Andrew is either as naive or more savvy than his predecessor.

    Becky, you often do those fanciful conversation pieces between some of the glitterati like Gray and the chief etc. Can you imagine the schmooze-fest that made Kara think that she was one of the in crowd? And just a story away from a Hamilton Club golden ticket?

    Who wants to bet that some of the higher-ups might have really got her going making her think that she was doing something like a Woodward and Bernstein deep dive into Deep Throat via a deeply hidden microphone? To be that young and then used up and spit out. Staining her education reporting credentials permanently. And then wonder if she’s stuck for her own legal fees since they dumped her after they got what they wanted. Snakes in the Grass. Buyer beware, go to a better journalism school and learn how not to get fooled again.

    Kara, if you read any of these, I hope that you are not being lulled into thinking that the newspaper has your back. And maybe someday you’ll be ready to write your tell all. Unless you’ve drunk the blinding Koolaid, there exist resources far beyond the scope of anything that the newspaper can fathom who would love to have a crack at this.

  21. Anon says:

    In lay terms, Ashworth’s order means he’s not buying LNP’s bullsh*t.

  22. barry in winnipeg says:

    This is the time of year when all the news shows get their talking heads together to predict what will happen in 2019. So I challenge all the bright commentators who post on Becky’s page to predict what 2019 will bring.

    For instance, who will win the open judgeship?
    Will the Food and Drug Administration finally ban scrapple as a health hazard?
    Will Lancaster Newspapers finally break from its obsession with chicken corn soup and fastnacht stories?
    The world wants to know (or at least I do) what you think will be the big Lancaster news story in 2019?

  23. huh? says:

    Oops. I meant to say Huesken girl. 😉

  24. huh? says:

    She is quite the husky girl.

  25. Answer says:

    It appears to be Gerald Huesken, the former superintendent for Conestoga Valley SD.