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— Doing some research this afternoon. LIP News will return tomorrow. —

*    While on the subject of judges, I received this email (thank you!):
     Just wanted you to know about some of the judges we have in Lancaster Co.  I was in the courtroom of Merrill Spahn recently and what struck me most, is he has an iPad with him.
     During the trial, he would look at it intermittently, I guess he got an email.
     My question is this, if ppl are not allowed to take a phone into the Lancaster Courthouse, why can a judge, who is supposed to be paying attention to the proceedings looking at his email?
     For this they are being paid $183K????
He is forgetting that someone’s life is hanging in the balance.  Shouldn’t he at least be paying ATTENTION?
THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO, Please do not use my name, you know what a small community we have here.



      About the Hatch Act… When I worked as a County Supports Coordinator for (the then) MH/MR/EI, because our Agency received funding through the Medicaid program, I could not legally display a “Vote for Obama” sign on my front lawn. So if a D.A. can, without first resigning, run for State Office while the County receives any Federal funding, then this appears to be a violation. Would not a wannabe judge NOT know this?
This comment in from “barryinwinnipeg” yesterday.
     There is only one way to resolve this – report District Attorney Craig Stedman!
Please check back later today.

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  1. Ohwellist says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Lang: LMAO!

    Anonymous: “What Stedman is doing is perfectly legal”. That’s even funnier. He may be within the law re Hatch. But consider this: If you think his office isn’t for sale so he can become a judge, take a look at lawyer Joshua Prince’s website and look at the gushing “endorsement” he gave that snake when he ran for Superior Court. Read between the lines…although it should be crystal clear: Stedman dismissed charges against his client and he gave Stedman free internet publicity geared, specifically toward the 2nd Amendment base, which Stedman needs badly,because he hasn’t been a big proponent of gun rights OR female self defense during his wayyyyy too lllllong tenure as D.A. Even the posters below the blog are surprised at Prince’s comments; 2) While LNP wrongly stayd away from the story of former Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler beating the shit out of his wife every day, and may have done so to appease Gray in exchange for CRIZ money, the prosecutor (any prosecutor) is supposed to be independent and unbiased, regardless of political affiliation or considerations. That means without reservation as to how a particular action, inaction, or stance will affect his career when, in fact, that is exactly how he guides nearly everything he does and every decision he makes as D.A. – What’s in it for ME.
    Stedman has to tread very carefully when it comes to wanting to come across as taking a hard-line on spousal or other abuse against woman. He has skeletons. (Judge not, lest ye be judged.)
    Did anyone else notice the grandstanding he did over the woman in Iowa he charged for debarking dogs? It was a sick, twisted story, no doubt about it, but he knows damn right well of all he animal (dog) suffering, (debarking is the least of it) that goes on every minute of every day at an ever dizzying – and profitable – pace in Lancaster and doesn’t lift a finger to stop it. Never has. Stedman walking. I think he paid the shelter in Chester Springs to go away after Oprah. The ONLY time he even acts like he cares about ANYTHING but himself is when he is on the hotseat, which makes him angry and uncomfortable. The best way for him to do that is to use the media when he needs publicity for himself, and keep it in the dark when he is doing something he shouldn’t be (like letting corrupt cops roam free or fathers shoot their babies on Christmas Eve, or well connected heroin addicts get into fatal car wrecks. Scott Martin’s sister walked because why? Slaymaker Walker has already been tried and convicted by Stedman, who hasnt mentioned once in any news conference where he got his medical degree. “If she had seizures she shouldn’t be driving”. ” She murdered two people.” “She shouldn’t be on facebook”… The posters are all riled up to his side of the story. What she deserves is the kind of treatment Scott Martin’s drug addicted sister got…. Heroin is a choice. Seizuresvare not. I know all of my Christmas’ have all been ruined since 2011. Yours, too? Well, not his. G. Scott Davis and his wife wanted to “move on and put this behind them”, said their lawyer. And Stedman’s lackey – Judge Reinaker said, “I see no reason to compound such a tragedy any further”. Now Bruce Cutler is House speaker. Yadda yadda yadda.
    It must be nice to be a sociopath. You can listen to women and dogs and babies cry out in pain and never even HEAR them.
    And here is more food for thought. In a story I googled regarding sentencing guidelines in Pa, Stedman is quoted as saying, ” A judge can really do whatever he wants.” What a frightening look into the kind of judge he will be. He is a sociopath who will, surely, burn in hell someday.

    Re Spahn – Disrespectful to everyone in courtroom, the rules of court etc. And how do you know he’s not googling defendents?

    BTW, wan

  3. Anonymous says:

    Again, the Hatch act was revised in December 2012. The stories about Tobin and not being able to support Obama occurred prior to the amendment. Please resesrch to amendments. What Stedman is doing is perfectly legal.

  4. Lang Kisster says:

    The BIG Grinch who stole a Christmas Tree in Manheim Twp has taken a twist. A local landscaper has replaced the blue spruce WITH ANOTHER BLUE SPRUCE!! Yes! It’s true. Take that Mr. Grinch! Police roadblocks are still up and the search area has widened. Then there’s this gripping story “Bakehouse on King offers sweets, sandwiches in downtown Lancaster” Can you imagine the impact this will have in Lancaster? A bakery that sells BOTH sweets AND sandwiches.