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    Posted on December 6th, 2018 Becky 17 comments


          Quite simply, District Attorney Craig Stedman did what any prosecutor should and would do. She broke the law repeatedly and as a result killed two high school students and severely injured another.
         LIP News will follow the case.


         Debra Slaymaker-Walker posting on her son’s Facebook page sometime early this morning after he posted that 2018 has been the worst year of his life.


    *   “Precise, accurate driving,” “Sustained reckless driving”
    DA Stedman in his press conference.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         The below charges were filed against Debra Slaymaker-Walker before District Judge Edward Tobin this morning.


    THIS MORNING, 10:45 AM

    Please check back later today.



    1. Everything is SHOWTIME for this guy. Ugh

    2. There is no bail amount and the case is marked “inactive.” Is that because she is still in the hospital?

    3. Her docket is here: DOCKET

    4. Well, she’s posting on her some Facebook.

    5. Holy crap! Yes, she is!

    6. Has she now made her page private?

    7. Its because she hasnt had her prelim hrng yet! Read the dates!

    8. Brett Hambright, DA Spokesperson on Twitter this morning:

      Slaymaker-Walker sustained very serious injuries & is at an undisclosed medical facility. She will be arrested/arraigned when medically cleared for release. She can’t drive.

    9. Just want to Point this out that Northern Regional Police are a some point Negligent & Guilty of some of these charges as to why the Officer’s Refused to pull her over and then proceeded to ley her drive this way because they Didn’t want to Smash a Vehicle up so this is what happens when you have a Freaking Bean Counter as a Chief running the dept and his head is so buried up his Hole this happens because he is out of touch with what an Officer is doing on the roads.
      And Where was he at for this meeting it was only Lititz Boro. that was in this Bozo Press conference.
      This was Avoidable if the Office Stopped this person before She Killed these Kids and the Blame is on Both of them but really all those charges what a joke they must wanted at lest 1 to stick .

    10. Undisclosed location? She seems to be healthy enough to write on Facebook.

      If she was a minority they would have charged and shackled to the bed.

      Precise accurate driving? Are they saying that she was aiming her car?

    11. No, not aiming. Just that at very high speeds on a narrow road her driving was precise and accurate (and thus not impaired).

    12. Thanks. And yes those cops have a lot to answer for.

    13. Slaymaker killed 2 kids and is laid back in a hospital chillin on fb smh when did they start allowing people to keep cell phones. Isnt she supposed to be handcuffed to rails on bed?… Especially with that fleeing and eluding officer charge. Why does she get special privileges?

    14. Does anybody know why she wasnt given a toxicology test at hospital? That seems wierd.

    15. BIG holes in all of this. “She broke the law repeatedly and killed two people as a result”. At least a few of those “broken laws” were in front of police. This case is EXACTLY why Lancaster County police radio should NOT be encrypted. I’m surprised at your rush to judgement when you’ve only heard one side (LE). Speculation AGAINST her is rampant – prejudiced by (of course) the tragic loss of life, rampant rumors fueled by the passage of time without ANY “new” information – information which is completely controlled – when, what, HOW it is released – BY law enforcement in Lancaster County. They admitted that was their goal when they argued for encryption to County Commissioners. Now two kids are dead and no one is asking for that audio? – or, even, explored Northern Regional’s role in all of this? The press AND the public have a right to hear that audio that should NEVER have been taken away. If nothing else, maybe police could learn something from it. Also, I question whether the loss of life might have been avoided had police radio communications not been unavailable to other first responders such as fire and ambulance. Responsible police administrators do NOT favor encryption, as statistics are clear that encryption causes more danger than it does “save lives”. I hope somebody subpoenas that tape before it disappears.

    16. Agree 100% with fake news

    17. Senator Scott Martin
      Sister Katy West
      was high on Heroin
      Driving the car that crashed and killed 2 people
      There was -not-a
      ( 1 million. Dollar bail )
      She was
      (never Charged )

      Thanks to Scott Martin’s good friend.
      The district attorney

      There were also rumors at the time that Scott Martin like to party with his favorite Sister and Brother-in-law

      Didn’t you Becky Report a couple of years ago that Scott Martin was the one that help bail out the Marriott hotel with our
      tax dollars

      Thank you Becky for your hard work and reporting
      On this corrupt So called politicians