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    Posted on December 30th, 2018 Becky 5 comments


    LIP News will return this Thursday!


    12-31-18 UPDATE


         What was blatantly missing from LNP’s 2019 wish list: A hope for a better relationship between the police and the communities they serve; increasing the diversity of the police forces, the courts, and the DA’s office in the county; and as per Ms. Musser’s wish below – a truly integrated and equal Lancaster.
          Yes, we still have to say that with the year 2019 about to come in. And sadly, it is the continued institutionalized discrimination and racism at LNP that supports and continues the blatant inequality and racism in the county. And the mayor, the city council and the community need to call LNP out on it now! This has been going on for years and years! It must come to an end!

    “A TRULY

    *    Another wish for 2019.  Wow! You go, Ms. Musser!


    From today’s LNP, “Wishes for 2019.”

         Can someone please tell me what this means? And what is blatantly missing from the LNP editorial board’s 24 wishes for 2019?


    5 responses to “12-31-18 UPDATE – A SERIOUS QUESTION: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?”

    1. Blind Mellon Chitlin'

      I appreciate the mayor’s concern. I am disabled on account of my eyes. I can’t see working.
      I might be able to get a job at the new comedy club if I feel better. But I went to my shrink last week because I feel so invisible and he said he can’t see me right now.

    2. Comedy club sounds like fun but who wants to bet that the first comedian who lets fly the F word will raise great consternation with Murse and Cassidy and the rest of the diehard LNP and ex-LNP Twitterers who chastised Murry for a “bad word.”

      Will hidden recording devices be placed in the comedy club to catch that F word in order to bring Musser down?

      Time will tell.

    3. I wonder if she can get CRIZ money for her comedy club? 😉 🙂 🙂

    4. barry in winnipeg

      I wish you all a Happy Winnipeg New Year’s! No pork and sauerkraut, but we do brush our teeth with gun powder and shoot off our mouths! Seriously, this morning it was ten below zero F(Canada is not for the weak). I always enjoy watching the New Year come in on CNN in EST, and then, again, when it comes in on CST–after that I go to bed!

    5. OMG! It was 61 today in Philly! Happy New Year Barry and stay warm – and if you send that Canadian air south like you did last year there will be hell to pay! 🙂 🙂