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     On November 21st, the District Attorney’s Office posted the above on their Facebook page!
     Yellow Cab, really DA Craig Stedman? That’s where Jesus Rosario, who is charged with raping a passenger worked/works. And remember he’s free on unsecured bail and the public doesn’t know what he looks like because you refused a Right to Know request from me to release his mugshot!
     Do you give a damn about women’s safety and the public’s right to protect themselves, DA Stedman?
     The below was posted on this site on October 22nd (the original is here and the link to the WGAL piece is here).
     There will be much more tomorrow on this and Debra Slaymaker-Walker.


**   Of all the irony! This is LNP’s top story online this morning by reporter Lindsey Blest (click here).  Do you think you could ask District Attorney Craig Stedman for an update on the horrific October 26th crash, Lindsey?



*     The below was posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under one of the very early reports of this accident. This commenter nailed it. Was proper protocol followed?


 (Click here for the LNP story shown above.)

     Compassion and forgiveness are wonderful. Stating that anyone could cause an accident that kills two kids seems over-the-top.
     But Debra Slaymaker-Walker did do just that. On October 26th she fled from police who tried to stop her, side-swiped a school bus with kids in it and kept going, and then caused an eight car crash that killed high school students Jack Nicholson and Meghan Keeney and severely injured  Rylan Beebe.
     District Attorney Craig Stedman waited four days to release her name but then stated she was still unconscious and police could not question her.   And in a highly unusual move, he sent his public spokesperson, Brett Hambright, to the scene within just a few hours to “update” the press on all the incidents leading up to the horrific multi-car crash.
     There has not been another word from the District Attorney’s office but on November 8th, her son posted the below on Facebook with a link to a  GoFundMe account for Deb Slaymaker-Walker (click here):

    So what happens now? Will charges be filed? Why hasn’t there been an official update from DA Craig Stedman? Two children are dead. It began with Slaymaker-Walker fleeing and eluding the police and then police calling off the pursuit. Why? And why have there been no updates or charges filed in this horrific story?  


  1. Lang Kisster says:

    Slaymaker. Walker. Yeah, I’m sure Stedman will go after her full force.

  2. huh? says:

    Just another day and story in Lanky town. Take any other accident and replace this good Christian white woman with a brown or black woman and by now the commenters would have their torches lit and asking why she was in such a rush to see her drug dealer or they would be talking about all her baby daddies and telling stories about oh what did you expect from a mother with kids like that.

    Someone mentioned to me the fact that the​ other family has had nothing to say. Well, maybe they aren’t buying into the poor innocent woman angle. Maybe they are pissed at the cop’s, the dispatcher, the woman who killed their daughter and caused an eight vehicle accident after careening into a school bus. Wouldn’t it be awful if the family who did speak out then learn that their forgiveness was premature and worse case scenario they were used to sway public opinion to benefit the perpetrator.

    You can take it to the bank that if she were black or brown that her personal life would have been a front page story for days. And when she passes away someday, will they​ put what she did in the first paragraph​ like they did for the black gentleman not too long ago?

    The silence of the entire establishment is both deafening and suspect.

  3. Anonymous says:

    She killed children. No charges. Interesting.

    Maybe she too, like the baby killer Davis, is related to Bryan Cutler….who is good friends with Craig Stedman. Just sayin’.

  4. huh? says:

    Why? Her last names are a big clue.