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    Posted on November 28th, 2018 Becky 2 comments

    — I am doing some research this afternoon. LIP News will return tomorrow. A note: Two comments came in from the same person last night – one extremely long (a rant!) – arguing that mugshots are unconstitutional to begin with. After some thought I approved them late this afternoon and they are under the post immediately below this one.

    **   It’s one of those days when extremely serious news “conflicts” with a totally different kind of news and because of the confines of this site’s layout they get mashed together.
         Back to the topic of this morning’s first post: The folks on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page are not one bit happy about the tax increases, to put in mildly! But this commenter took an inventive entrepreneurial approach to the bad news:


    **   The below was just posted on Imir Williams’ Facebook page. I hope the money is for the Lancaster County Court system because you still owe them a lot of money!


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


          “Billboard Gee” was formerly known as “Mir Kat” and his real name is Imir Williams. He is a woman beater. He beat “Amish Mafia” actress Esther Schmucker severely several times. This man should not be at the BET Awards!
    Please stay tuned for this developing story.



    From page A-5 of today’s LNP print edition (click here to read the story online).

         Yup! Everything is going up! So it begins.
         And once again, LNP was given and “approved” this information prior to last night’s city council meeting where Mayor Sorace announced her budget for 2019 because LNP had their above chart all ready to go.
         Also, Randy Patterson is retiring in June; Councilman Pete Soto was missing again last night; Tony Dastra made a plea and Councilman Chris Ballentine is a joke.
    You can watch last night’s meeting here and please check back later today.


    2 responses to “UPDATE *** BREAKING *** – TERRIBLE CITY MANAGEMENT!”

    1. LNP canned Knappman

    2. I believe you have misquoted me. I did not say “mug shots are unconstitutional”. My “rant” was exceptionally long in an effort to explain to you, very carefully, that you and your site are being used (misused, abused) and therefore are … even if unwittingly … part of the problem, rather than the solution.
      It is a journalist’s job to keep goverment HONEST.