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                         Sam Janesch                           Tom Murse
     There was a messy, sloppy city council meeting last night and Mayor Danene Sorace snapped at commenters. She is in over her head! You can watch the video here and there will be more to come.


     Investigators say the Nissan sedan was driven by 56-year-old Donna Woodall from Atlantic City. 

ABC-6, “21 hurt after car crashes into Egg Harbor Twp., NJ Social Security office,” (click here).
     The driver’s name was released just hours after this horrific accident yesterday. Imagine that? Compare the release of her name to the recent deadly accident that killed two high school students in Lancaster.
     And did LNP managing editor Tom Murse tell his reporter Sam Janesch how LNP lied and covered for Representative Bryan Cutler and District Attorney Craig Stedman when G. Scott Davis shot his two-month-old daughter dead on Christmas Eve several years ago? Did you tell your new reporter, Tom?
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  1. Lang Kisster says:

    Let’s not forget. The majority of tax free properties are in Lancaster. What they-and I’m including churches-don’t pay is made up by….well, no. You guess. Guess who pays the taxes the tax free’s don’t pay? Go on. Guess.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I watched the video. In this case I have to side with the mayor. I have no idea what the first two speakers were trying to accomplish. They were hoping city council/mayor would reduce their taxes because they felt bad for them? Assessments are at the county level, there is no excuse not to appeal if you believe your home was assessed above market value.

    High property taxes are a given in a city with a 40% poverty rate. The free market then equivalently depresses the value as well. Your beautiful 300k historic city home would likely be worth 600k in Manheim twp. Guess what now your property tax burden is equivalent.

    It’s not the mayor/councils problem that you didn’t do your homework before buying a house and overpaid or didn’t evaluate what you were getting into. The man who spoke constantly has editorials in the paper critizimg trumps ethics. He needs to take a page out of his own book and take responsibility for his decisions.

    Boo hoo, middle/upper middle class are feeling some squeeze from gentrification. These guys aren’t even fixed income elderly or poor with real issues related to property tax increases and someone needs to check their math. It doesn’t add up.

    If I was the mayor I’d have no patience with that stupidity.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What happened at the meeting? Thanks for keeping an eye on the see-through feed.

  4. huh? says:

    I have no doubt that Slaymaker Walker is somehow connected and I have little doubt that the Nicholson family may have given that interview without knowing that they were helping unknowingly another whitewash.

    I don’t have the time to connect the dots because as you can see Stedman’s whitewashing the whole Cutler connection has resulted in Cutler being in the position for potential payback.

    Who can forget Cutler handing out targets at a county fair after his relative killed a defenseless newborn. In any other place with a real newspaper, this thoughtless behavior would be front page.

    As for Sam Janesch. He’s been there for a while now. It’s a shame that he won’t be on any career track with LNP after his name.

    In recent memory, Gil Smart is the only one who got away. Deibert doesn’t go near any affiliation with them and if questioned purposely ignores the questioner. Marv Adams surfaced as a substitute teacher after he was used to great effect by the PSP. It must suck to have to live with that. It’s obvious that nondisclosures come with a nice chunk of change. I had hoped that Carol the reporter who was let go (wish I could remember her last name) might pull back the iron curtain but alas that was. It meant to be.