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Stedman (at the podium), then Police Chief Keith Sadler behind him and former Mayor Gray to the right.

     I would note that the Lancaster Newspapers, the editorial board, did a nice editorial on this illustrating the challenges of domestic violence and the scope of the problem.
District Attorney Craig Stedman in his press conference today.
     Oh, the hypocrisy and collusion of the DA and the Lancaster Newspapers is simply unbelievable! Yes, Stedman, LNP did a very nice job of withholding from the public the vital information that their police chief of many years was accused of domestic violence in a book by his ex-wife.
     And since Stedman knew LNP was going to keep that information from the public, to keep Mayor Gray happy and funneling money to LNP’s Marriott Hotel, Stedman never once said a word about former Police Chief Keith Sadler and domestic violence!


**    In conclusion, District Attorney Stedman notes this case is a reminder of the ongoing serious threat and pervasive issue of domestic violence in our communities. District Attorney Stedman strongly encourages victims, especially those with children, to seek help and protection; friends, neighbors, and family members of those being abused cannot ignore the warning signs and indicators of domestic violence. Victims, for a variety of reasons, are often tentative to seek help on their own. If the signs are there, take action. It absolutely could be life-saving action.
From the DA’s press release, “DA Review: Officer Justified in Fatal Shooting of Man who Had Gun to Woman’s Head,” (click here).


* Today – 11:30 am.




     Shares of Marriott tumbled 6 percent before the opening bell.
From the above article (click here).
     Peggy Steinman, owner of LNP and the downtown Marriott, must be having a bad day! Will she go running to the mayor and city council for even more money?
Please check back later today.

4 Responses to ** – * MORE MONEY, MAYOR SORACE?

  1. Lang Kisster says:

    Ever think maybe Mayor Sriracha’s 9% property tax last week is headed to Peg’s petty cash drawer?

  2. Anonymous says:

    So big surprise. In Lancaster it is justifiable to shoot into a window, not negotiate, and hope that it’s the right victim. No questions asked

  3. Ohwellist says:

    Lol…Thats exactly what her greedy behind gets!!! You know she is kissing all types of @ss today.

  4. huh? says:

    Will any of the LNP gutless wonders dare to ask about the status of the deaths of two children mowed down?