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     • Heard a report on the annual audit of city government’s financial statements. The city’s books for 2017 are fully in order, and no issues were found, vice president Tracey Rash of accounting firm Maher Duessel said.
     The article to the left is LNP’s coverage of Monday’s city council committee meeting and the above quote is from LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher’s “Other Business” category at the end of the article (click here).
     The audit was several months late and it is 213 pages long. To sum it up in that one ridiculous sentence is outrageous. As stated on this site on Tuesday, MAW Communications was specifically mentioned by Duessel as an expense that unexpectedly went up by $400,000 in the general fund.
     Also as reported here, MAW’s separate legal fees of $83,000 were  mentioned during a different part of the meeting and there was the exchange between councilman Pete Soto and Mayor Sorace in which she stated LanCity Connect is at a “stalemate.”
     LNP’s failure to report and inform the public  on this over $5 million dollar disaster is unconscionable and also raises the question of how much money MAW has paid LNP. How deep is LNP’s collusion and complicity in this fraud and scam? Is that why they do not want the attorney general to investigate?
To be continued…

**   Regarding the plans for the new Lancaster Square, the below is the end to an excellent Letter to the Editor of LNP in yesterday’s print edition (click here to read the entire letter online).
      Once again all of the city’s efforts and money are being put into the six-block magazine section of the city. How many residents of the city will be able to afford the retail stores and restaurants proposed for the new Lancaster Square? Does anyone in city government care?

*     Tonight from 6 to 8 pm at City Hall. The description: 
      “Join the City of Lancaster and Mahan Rykiel for a community meeting regarding Lancaster Square. The project team will present a summary of public outreach and the preliminary design process, and how this effort shaped the preferred design of the public plaza.
       Click here for the Facebook page for this event.



   From this morning’s LNP editorial online titled, “Chief clerk of Pennsylvania Senate gets new digs, appointed with big-ticket furnishings, on the taxpayer dime,” (click here).        

    The hypocrisy and lies from this LNP editorial board are unbelievable. Are they are going to put IKEA furniture in their Marriott Hotel expansion rooms paid for by the public? Why is the public paying almost $10 million dollars for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls expansion? Could their “watchdog” Caucus investigative reporters investigate and report on that?
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  1. OMG! says:

    I agree. But go past the AG. Too much “professional courtesy”. Saw that when the Rep. DA and the Dem. auditor general made joint newswer about going after SNAP abusers. (Food stamps…poor minorities). How much fraud and abuse does that translate into $$? The answer is nothing compared to the bigger picture. Just puts poor people in jail or brands them as criminals so their cycle of poverty never ends. DePasquale has FAR bigger fish to fry than welfare fraud. He is not going to be capturing any rich, white Republicans going after food stamp abuse. In fact, go after the state employees who don’t adequately vet the applications. Instead, DePasquale needs to audit some of these municipal governments’ budgets committing taxpayer fraud. Start with Manor Township’s fire tax. Look at the court system that works for the Commonwealth but is funded by the county. Why did Conoy Township Supervisor call Pres. Judge a “liar” at a town hall meeting? That took balls…and ethics…for him to do that. But why? LNP’s only story on that was that it wasn’t “civil”! That was a blatant and successful attempt to detract from the real story. Why don’t half these elected assholes file statements of financial interest? It’s the LAW. They are not following it for a reason. Find out who and file complaints with the Ethics Commission, which can’t investigate w/o a specific complaint before it. Stay on Sorace’s tail for every period she has to file a SFI, which forces her to disclose her husband’s bs. Ethics commission looks at conflicts of interest, too. By law, she has to recuse herself from any vote/issue from which she would benefit personally. At this early stage, that appears to be everything. Filling out complaint forms or writing letters won’t do anything – even in vast numbers – w/o specifics. You need facts and evidence – even before an investigation begins. There are federal crimes involved, too. That means the justice department and FBI. Police officers need to get involved. Look at the line items for municipal budgets and see how your pensions are underfunded, then take the “appropriate action”. You know what to do because I’ve seen it done. And your anonymity will be protected if what you uncover is true…or even if unfounded if filed in good faith. I’ve seen it done successfully…even in this corrupt state. Quit looking the other way.
    Honest elected and appointed officials are outnumbered by dishonest, unethical ones, but you need to uphold your oaths and do the right thing. BLOW THOSE WHISTLES. You WILL prevail. Also…think: Use your credibility! Do it so you can finally sleep at night.
    And if its your own employer, you might also make a good chunk of money under state and federal whistleblower laws depending on how much waste and abuse you uncover. I know from whence I speak. There is a pot of gold at the end of that polluted rainbow that is Pennsylvania.

  2. Ohwellist says:

    That pastor is right also. Not to mention all the homeless people that will continue to live downtown due to no housing. Theres no jobs in Lancaster that pay that great in order to live in condos and do shopping in the fancy shops. Its a nice set up but lets be honest most of those businesses will be closing just as fast as the shops are opening. The mayor is really trying to stuff as much money into her husbands company as she can with tax payers money and forgetting about the people. The “diverse” people she uses so much to bring others to the city. None of the refugees can even afford to shop downtown. Lets be realistic the city houses so many hispanics we dont even shop downtown besides the market. The style of clothing is too much. The artwork stores are played out. Nail salons and Restaurant’s are the only reason we go down there. With the way parking is set up most of these businesses will lose their customers due to parking being a hassle. Everything is turning expensive and bouji. Its time people get together and start doing complaints to AG office. We all know what the mayor is doing. We all know about city council members knowingly allowing the corruption. Who is going to stand up and fight for the people besides becky who constantly airs them out? The DA also knows and allows it all. This is all being done with your money. The money you bust your behind for everyday. Stop having parts in this corruption with your tax money knowingly. Report it! The more and more of us making AG complaints with valueable information this will stop. Some of us lived here for years and has knowledge of alot of wrongdoing. Report it! Keep reporting it! This is all fine and dandy but now that we all know what are we going to do remain cowards or make a change?! Start AG complaints asap! The more the better.