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Leadership isn't for the faint of heart

You know what gets our goat? Politicians like Lloyd Smucker that won't hold town halls but make time for their corporate donors like the Koch Brothers. Jess King shows up, listens, and isn't taking a dime of corporate PAC money. That's why #WeLikeJess.

Posted by Lancaster Stands Up on Tuesday, October 16, 2018


***     Jere Myer Lyons, 79, of Lancaster, PA, died on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at Landis Homes.
The LNP obituary for Jeffrey B. Lyons’ father (click here).
     What I find interesting and amazing and sad is that Jeffrey Lyons’ father died the day after he went missing and this whole huge mess began to unravel and this has never been reported by the media.


**   To the first post this morning: A commenter made an excellent point into this site previously that Lyons may be in rehab. Well, take him out of rehab for a day for his preliminary hearing! Ridiculous if that is the reason.
      The only legitimate reason I can see that this man would not be” “available” is if he is in an intensive care ward of a hospital! 


*     Lyons, with former controller Karen L. Connelly and her successor Judith A. Avilez, used the fraud to obtain millions of dollars of loans for the company, Shubert alleged in a 205-page filing.
From today’s LNP story, “Worley & Obetz trustee: Lyons led $2B fraud overlooked by ‘negligent’ management,” (click here).      
     Now we know why bankruptcy trustee Christine C. Shubert is trying to take Judith A. Avilez’s house! As of this morning, no criminal charges have been filed against Avilez in Common Pleas Court.
     And District Attorney Craig Stedman previously cleared her in a statement and said she went to the police. What a mess! From October 9th on this site (click here for the original):



Posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP October 9th story, “Preliminary hearing for Worley & Obetz’s former CEO & controller postponed,” (click here).

     According to their dockets, their preliminary hearings still have not been rescheduled! How is this possible? What is going on?
Please check back later today.    


  1. WTF? says:

    In all fairness, what would Jess King do if Everytime she held a town hall meeting a very loud and boisterous small group of pro lifers showed up yelling, disrupting the meeting or having a sit in while loudly singing? Those are the tactics of the guy who plays the Hayseed and his cohorts in that LSU video. Truth is they’re not just looking to be heard, they demand Lloyd agree with them. How would Jess react and how often would she meet with those pro lifers with whom she disagrees. Governance is difficult. Just because you’re loud doesn’t mean you’re right or that you represent a majority of constituents. That LSU doesn’t seem to understand that is revealing. Just saying.

  2. WTF? says:

    To all the prosecutors out there who allow Justice to be dispensed according to the ability to pay, you must agree OJ was innocent. You’re in the same camp.

  3. WTF? says:

    Forgot this one. Evade taxes on $400 million… President. Oh I know Donald.. innocent until proven guilty. Let’s just hope an actual investigation is conducted.

  4. WTF? says:

    Steal millions…house arrest. Steal a loaf of bread cause your kids are hungry…3-5 at Huntington.

  5. Lang Kisster says:

    huh? That, or their keeping space available for their big: Share Your Favorite Fall Soup Recipe coverage.

  6. huh? says:

    Yup. I’m betting rehab. And the Lazy News Paper probably believes that they can’t report that because of HIPPA laws.

    Can’t believe the reporter didn’t dig deeper. It’s such an obvious question.

  7. Brickerville resident says:

    I would guess the entire upper echelon was involved. It is impossible for fabrication of that magnitude to be unnoticed. I really don’t believe that top management couldn’t use simple observation and mental math to realize something was wrong. Top management should be able to ” see” from the ten thousand foot view the approximate activities, and know by simple math if the books hold out or if they don’t. There are simple rule of thumb numbers for every business, and real quick every manager can tell thru approximate math if the reports are accurate.