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     Once again, I apologize for this morning’s mistake and thank Patrick Hopkins for his quick and polite email advising me of the error. I will continue to put in monthly Right to Know requests to ensure that MAW is making the payments on their $1.5 million dollar loan from the city.
     Also tomorrow I will be putting in a Right to Know request for the letter from the state mentioned by Mayor Sorace which she states rejects the CRIZ Authority’s plan to give money to smaller businesses. This has not been reported by LNP and the full transcript of her speech to city council was posted here yesterday. It is also available to be viewed by anyone on Tony Dastra’s live-stream of the council meeting on his “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page (click here). The mayor begins her report with 6 minutes and 30 seconds left to go in the video.
     This site strives for accuracy and the truth and if an error is made it will be corrected as quickly as possible. 


**  LNP went up with the prostitution sting story and mugshots very quickly! But they are ignoring one person who was charged in their story, “8 men charged with soliciting prostitution in Lancaster after undercover sting,” (click here).
     The ninth is below and the police state in their release:
     One female, Cody Boas, was instantly recognized as a wanted person and was arrested on several outstanding warrants for drug distribution.      

*    The Lancaster City Police were busy with a prostitution sting and charged nine and have large mugshots posted on CrimeWatch (click here)! Amazing.
     Now, guess what the DA said when I put in a Right to Know request for the mugshot of Jesus Rosario, a taxi driver charged with rape but free and walking the streets on unsecured bail and whose mugshot has never been released to the public?



    The below email was received from Patrick Hopkins this morning. I apologize. The second page is also below. I would point out that Tim Stuhldreher’s article is dated September 16th and states the payment was received. According to your documents the payment was not received until September 17th.



    Last spring, when MAW began rolling out service to business and residential customers, the city loaned it $1.5 million for startup costs.
     The first payment was due this month; It was received Thursday, city business administrator Patrick Hopkins confirmed.
     The monthly installments of just over $14,900 are to continue over the next seven years. Asked if MAW will be able to make the payments, Wiczkowski said: “Absolutely.”
From the September 16th article by LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher (pictured above), “Some LanCity Connect customers lose service as PPL removes ‘unauthorized’ equipment,” (click here).
     Is that a fact, LNP and Stuhldreher? Did you verify that or did you just take Hopkins’ word for it?
     That’s not the information I received when I put in a Right to Know request for the payments received by MAW:
Please check back later today.

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