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     “They’re not going to do any damage,” Elkner [Penn State Extension educator Timothy Elkner] said. “They’re not going to bite the dog, they’re not going to bite you. They’re not going to eat your houseplants.
     “Worst-case scenario, they’re an annoyance.”
From the LNP lead story online, “Tiny grinches: Ravenous spotted lanternflies could hitch a ride into your home on a live or fresh-cut Christmas tree,” (click here). 
     So why is this LNP’s lead story when it goes on to say over and over again that it is highly unlikely they will enter your home through a “fresh-cut” Christmas tree? And if they do – see the above quote from the story!
     And we haven’t even had Halloween! What a bunch of worthless, fake, scary nonsense! Find something real to write about, LNP!


*    The beginning of an Order by Judge Leonard G. Brown on September 4, 2018 is below in the cases discussed in the first post  (click here to read his full order).



(Click here).

      An interesting opinion piece/update on lawsuits against Armstrong World Industries.

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