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     I am going to repost the federal sexual harassment lawsuit against Lancaster County Motors, Inc. later today so that it is all in one post and not interrupted by other news stories.


     Why isn’t LNP covering this federal lawsuit? I went back and checked the number of stories LNP did on Powel Steel, which was a private company owned by Steve Powell, who was also a long-time McCaskey basketball coach who died this June. And Powell was black.

     They did 14 stories between the announcement that he was filing for bankruptcy on February 19 of 2013 until January 23 of 2014 when they ran an article stating a judge had dismissed his bankruptcy. In all, 16 stories in less than a year on the struggles of a small, private company owned by a black man. 
     But LNP will not cover a timely, important and shocking sexual harassment lawsuit against a large Lancaster auto sales company. Amazing!
     The below is from January 3rd, 2014 on this site and the original is here.   

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