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*    Officials said Friday there was nothing criminal in the case of a Shultz Transportation bus driver dropping a Lampeter-Strasburg first-grader off at another student’s house to use the bathroom.
From this afternoon’s LNP story, “Police: Nothing criminal in bus driver dropping girl off at other student’s home to use bathroom,” (click here).       
     OMG! LNP reporter Lindsey Blest asked the police and the DA’s office if there was anything criminal in this stupid click-bait story LNP has kept as their lead story all day but won’t ask for an answer from DA Stedman about the murders of Chevalier and Myers?



     It has been a month since I mailed the letter to the PA Attorney General and the FBI requesting a simple DNA test be done to determine if Juanita Chevalier and Roxanne Myers have the same killer (the letter and original post are here).
     I will follow-up next week and I have to pinch myself that this is real and DA Stedman refuses to answer the question. Think about that while you watch “20/20” tonight. Unbelievable!


***   On August 6th, I wrote about a lis pendens filing in Lancaster Common Pleas Court to take 10 properties associated with Worley & Obetz in their bankruptcy (see below and click here for the original). 
      On September 10th, another lis pendens action was filed to take the personal homes of Jeffrey and Julie Lyons, Karen and Douglas Connelly and Judy Avilez (see the entry immediately below on this post).
     Jeffrey Lyons and Karen Connelly are scheduled to have their preliminary hearings on their criminal charges this Tuesday, October 9th, at 1:30 pm before District Judge Edward Tobin.


**   Judy Avilez, who replaced Connelly as company controller in January 2016 and was trained by her, told investigators that Connelly told her to continue paying Lyons’ credit card debts, Stedman said.
      According to the criminal complaint, Connelly “told her about a ‘package deal’ in which Lyons was permitted to submit his personal credit card payment stubs for full payment using company funds.”
     Avilez initially paid Lyons’ debts before approaching police, Stedman said. She does not face any criminal charges.
     “We have no evidence that anyone else was involved” in making illegal payments, he said.
From the LNP article, “Worley & Obetz’s former CEO, controller charged with using company funds to pay $1M in personal credit card debt,” (click here).
     Avilez may not be facing criminal charges but the bankruptcy court wants her house! In a lis pendens court filing in Lancaster Common Pleas Court on September 10th, the court wants to take her Elizabethtown home (see below). Why? What is going on? 



*    While on the topic of the Christy Mirack murder and District Attorney Craig Stedman, there have been comments into this site stating Stedman will be on November’s ballot to be a judge. That is not correct.
     There are no judges statewide on the ballot this November and the vacancy created by Judge Hoberg’s retirement will not be filled until the 2019 election when the judge’s seat, the District Attorney’s Office and all three Lancaster County Commissioners will be on the ballot among other offices.
     Randall Wenger, Clerk of Elections, explained by phone this morning that those positions are only on the ballot in municipal election years and the next one will be in 2019.
     To view a sample of your November ballot click here and select your school district.



     “I told the police what I saw, but I’ve never told anybody else what I walked in on,” Goodman [Harry Goodman, the principal at Christy Mirack’s elementary school] said. “I struggled for years with this. Screaming, nightmares.”

Click here for the above ABC news story and here for the accompanying story, “How DNA and genetic genealogy are becoming ‘major’ game-changers in decades-old cold cases.”


  1. Ohwellist says:

    Anonymous brings up some good points…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Um…Maybe because she filed for bankruptcy?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The LCCCP judicial election is in 2019. Stedman has been campaigning for the seat since the day Hoberg resigned.
    Hoping he would be handed it by Governor Wolf – and that NOT being the case – his campaign for 2019 is WELL underway.
    Justice, meanwhile, has taken a back seat.
    Anyone who thinks otherwise is living in LaLa land.
    Meanwhile, independent or investigative reporters would do well to check into HIS closet for skeletons.
    That means The Caucus, the new collaberation among the Inky, the Gazette and LNP, the Legal Intelligencer, and others.
    I, personally, urge any woman with a (true) tale to tell to come forward.
    There are personal reasons he remained arm’s length from stories about Sadler and others. He lives in a glass house.