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     I just received a threatening and harassing phone call from Lancaster County Motors, Inc. (717) 569-4514 at 3:44 pm! Unbelievable!



     Part of an ad LNP ran for themselves this summer. Tom Murse, LNP Managing Editor.

The shocking sexual harassment lawsuit filed in federal court this Tuesday (click here).

      Where is LNP’s coverage? Why are they ignoring this shocking lawsuit? Shouldn’t the public know? Stay informed – read LIP News! You are a liar, Tom Murse!
Please see the posts below for the lawsuit on this site and check back later today.


  1. LS says:

    Huh? How true what you say. Not too fair putting up an ‘article’ (I had to override spellcheck because it didn’t want to allow me to call it that, lol) condemning the employers with an employee complaint. Like we have never seen truth mixed with untruth to make claims against a company? Yea right. I understand the employee already had the day in court and lost so this is just another/different legal filing as our country allows. If you can’t beat them with a fair try today, then file and file again. Lol. Maybe they get tired and pay to go away. Lawyers can be expensive you know. What a racket.

  2. huh? says:

    Unfortunately for Lancaster County Motors, what you’ve posted is freely available online. Sucks when an employer and employee has the spotlight shone upon them.

  3. Rednek says:

    I wonder how that “charging to read online” is working out?

    How many ‘new’ online subscribers did they get? How many ‘old’ readers have they lost?

    How many new advertisers have they attracted? How many ‘old’ advertisers have they lost?

    You would think that world-class, award-winning journalists would let us know, wouldn’t ya???

  4. Lang Kisster says:

    From today’s P…..”What you should know about the Albatwitch in advance of the Columbia festival”

    “Lancaster County is still green, but autumn colors are approaching their peak in most of Pennsylvania”

    “Miller’s Ale House opening Monday near Wegmans”

    Hard driving news like this?
    No wonder they charge to read online.

  5. Lang Kisster says:

    Where’s the coverage? It’s LNP. Big autumn color stories to get.