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    Posted on October 16th, 2018 Becky 9 comments


         Defense attorney Christopher Sarno represented both Pfeiffer and Pressler.
         “Both Mr. Pfeiffer and Mr. Presler had significant mitigating factors, and I believe Judge Reinaker, after a thorough and careful examination, constructed a very considerate and sensible sentence in both cases,” Sarno said in an email to LNP.


         Well, it’s unknown if LNP asked Judge Reinaker for an explanation of his outrageous sentences, but LNP did update this morning’s story with the above comment from the private defense attorney for both men (interesting)!
         Surprise! Surprise!  Who would expect a defense attorney to say anything else? And I’m sure with all that praise, Judge Reinaker will put a little star next to his name the next time Sarno is in his courtroom.

    **   Since the two men in this morning’s post for some reason have never had their pictures in the media, here they are from the Megan’s Law website:




    The opening sentence in today’s LNP front page article in print, “PA Senate – Security force is in turmoil,” (not currently online).  

    *    And yet, LNP will not cover a shocking federal sexual harassment lawsuit against a large Lancaster County Employer! See the post immediately below on this site for “BACON V. LANCASTER COUNTY MOTORS, INC.”




    (Click here for the LNP article above, President Judge Dennis Reinaker)

         Can you guess the race of these two men? Neither of these men spent a single day in jail and there are no available mugshots.
         Wasn’t there just international outrage over the PA grand jury report on the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests? You’d never know that in Lancaster County!
         ABC-27 ran this story four days ago with the headline, “2 avoid prison for sharing child pornography,” (click here). So, how did these two men manage to “avoid” prison and why? Why hasn’t anyone demanded answers from President Judge Dennis Reinaker?
         The charges they pleaded guilty to are below:

    Charles Ernest Pfeiffer III

    Christopher B. Presler

    Please check back later today.



    1. I’m not going to pay to read. What’s the $$$$$ status of the two rodents?

    2. Good question! Christopher B. Presler:
      — According to LinkedIn he is the Director of Engineering at Valley Extrusions
      — He and his wife own a nice home valued for tax purposes at $176,000 in West Hempfield Township

      God knows you can’t put such a substantial white citizen in jail! (sarcasm)
      Linkedin – Chris Presler

    3. Thanks Becky.

    4. Another question is, How did Reinaker become a judge? I mean, he worked for convicted FELON Ernie Preate, for god’s sake. But then, how does a judge who refers to women as “chicks” become a judge. Only Lancaster County’s Republican party could see fit to put these two in office

    5. Brickerville resident

      Judge Reinakers sentences need to be evaluated. Also, review his sentences compared to the other judges on the bench. Look up Roman Clay case ( jan – june 2017) this judge handed out another joke of a ruling.
      He needs his mental sanity examined

    6. Please don’t tell me that he’s the same judge who quote unquote sentenced the Amish guy

    7. If you mean John A. Lapp, Jr. who was convicted of 13 charges, including aggravated indecent assault, for sexually abusing four girls as far back as 1995 – no – that was Judge Joseph Madenspacher.

      Quarryville man will serve 1-2 years for child sex abuse over 20+ years after victims ask for leniency


    8. Oh, and Brickerville resident, you are correct! That case is crazy! Just one of the many articles:

      DA’s office appeals ‘excessively lenient’ sentence in felony burglary case to state Superior Court

    9. Thank you Becky. Yes, that was the one I was thinking of.