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    Posted on October 10th, 2018 Becky 11 comments

    —  I am not sure there is anything that can prepare you for opening a complaint in a lawsuit and reading what is below. LIP News will be back tomorrow. —

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         The below is the beginning of a shocking lawsuit filed in Federal Court yesterday: Katie Bacon v. Lancaster County Motors, Inc. of East Petersburg.



    UPDATE…..Charlie’s badge has been turned in!!! He was so happy that he was smiling from ear to ear! Thanks to everyone for spreading the word.
    Posted on the Lancaster City Police Department Facebook page (see yesterday’s post here).

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    75% REDUCTION!

         “The Use of Force policy has been in effect since August 1st.
         …While we just have two months of data thus far, we have seen a reduction in about 75 percent in those two months regarding use of force incidents in the city.”
    Mayor Danene Sorace in her Report of the Mayor last night to city council (click here to view the entire meeting).


    11 responses to “*** BREAKING NEWS *** – * – *** BREAKING NEWS *** USE OF FORCE”

    1. Maybe it’s because it’s a screen grab but Mayor Sorace looks worn out already.

      That’s a strange statistic. How does one estimate what cops decided not to do? I’m sure there is a parameter as to how they do this but did they poll the cops and ask them if they held their tempers? Like I said. Weird.

    2. That is word for word from the Mayor. I will try to transcribe her whole speech today. (She begins with literally four minutes left to go in the meeting.)

    3. I don’t think it’s that weird. They always had to report use of force. So they compared it to before the new “use of force.” Looks like the fear of God was put into the officers. Good!

    4. Where does this 75% come from? What records? Is this record available to the public? She looks stressed the hell out!

    5. Well if they were self reporting​ before, then it’s probably down 90 percent.

    6. Agreed, huh?!

    7. Good lord. The HR woman? Adams sounds like a moron


    9. We know why he got a reverse vasectomy. Oh, my.

    10. Why? Somebody would want to have kids with THAT?! Who?

    11. Hey Anonymous, why don’t you let Becky post your pic so we all can see how your opinion on someone’s looks matters? LOL