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     The complete “Operative Facts” in the federal lawsuit of Katie Bacon v. Lancaster County Motors, Inc. is below. Her “Relief Requested” is at the end. 
     LIP News will follow this lawsuit.



  1. Anonymous says:

    To Dr Ford
    Or it could be copies of paperwork from the past:::to back up what is currently happening? History sometimes repeats itself. How many lawsuits do they need to realize they employ a repeat offender?

  2. Dr Ford says:

    To Anonymous

    Do you even read what you write? The “paperwork” as you cal it must be the court filed charges by one party against another. That it is NOT the full story is why others should refrain from passing judgement unless they are involved in the charges.

    I heard ‘tales’ you drove fast before therefore I believe the motorist your fast driving caused the accident – even though you weren’t even there involved at the scene. Congratulations as you are guilty as I believe your accuser – you are a murderer by vehicle.

    By the way, my spouse has driven over the speed limit but I call you a pervert for driving fast. Thus the stone I throw hits my own home. That’s how it works. Sorry I didn’t spell it out for you but Jennifer should have gotten it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    To Dr Ford
    Many facts can play out to be TRUE as long as you read the correct paperwork. Be careful what you respond to as there are many facts you may not have knowledge to:

  4. Dr Ford says:

    Great for you Jennifer, standing on ‘tales’… So what do you want as a reward if you are wrong – about standing on the accusations of someone else’s life not your own? Your mea culpa would be tragic to watch.

    Confucius says, Please ‘stand’ still when the rocks you throw from your own home come back around.

  5. Jennifer Wilson says:

    I stand by my response.

  6. Dr Ford says:

    Yes Jennifer, you know what you don’t know about “tales”, “rooted in truth” from the many Thanksgiving dinners you had at their home and stuff.

    Way to add your strong 2 cents on what you don’t know. Thanks.

  7. Jennifer Wilson says:

    I absolutely believe the Plaintiffs side. I have known Clark Adams and the family for years and there have been tales – rooted in truth – of his perverted behavior toward several women. But I bet LCM does nothing to remove him from his position. Sure hope that I am wrong and they finally fire this man.
    I commend the bravery of this woman!

  8. LS says:

    To be helpful: We are not in England so one is innocent until proven guilty here. Pretty sure it is part of the process to hear both sides of a story before making a verdict.

    More cheese Please!

  9. MeToo says:

    Well, sounds like you must walk on water and be the perfect employee? Maybe your past employers should fill us in on the view of your conduct and performance over the years? Wouldn’t that be fun?!

    More cheese please!

  10. i worked at Mercedes of Lancaster being from England i had been subjected to comments that was very nasty and combative the working conditions under Frank Nolts were deplorable they should have been sued many times before after my complaints i was terminated as many more good employees have been also the sad part is the real owner is a gentleman but needs to see how LCM is conducting there day to day business Clark Adams should be terminated after reading his conduct and comments to the young lady

  11. Tecia Smith says:

    I as well was an employee at LCM, I did not work with Mr. Adams. I did work with another gentleman who did not sexually harass me, but did degrade me, and held me from positions even though of deserving because of my health. The actions that were put upon me made me depressed and bitter. I have since left and forever grateful I did.