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     Do not mess with a visiting Franklin & Marshall assistant professor. Alexander King suddenly lost his LanCity Connect internet connection last week and has to scramble to find a new provider.
      He posted the below on the “Northeast Neighbors United” Facebook page after Public Works Director for the city, Charlotte Katzenmoyer, posted several nonsensical and accusatory comments one of which begins today’s post.
     His reference to “Weisser” is to Billy Weisser who also has extensive comments under the post. He has researched MAW and PP&L and has addressed city council twice with his concerns (the transcripts of his comments are on this site). He is extremely knowledgeable and well spoken and probably knows more about LanCity Connect than Katzenmoyer does!
     Where is the over $5 million dollars the citizens of the city paid MAW for their promised high speed, low cost internet service?
To be continued…


     John Meeder, developer of the Hotel Lancaster downtown, said his team is aware of the city’s solicitation and is preparing to respond.
     “Hopefully, we can help,” he said.
From the LNP article pictured left (click here).

*    What about the LNP owned Marriott Hotel? Why aren’t they mentioned and offering help? The public paid to build their hotel and now they’re paying for part of the expansion, but LNP can’t help the city out? Isn’t $106 a night enough for LNP?
      Run this corrupt, greedy and phony news organization out of town!


     Charlotte Katzenmoyer, Director of Public Works, posting on the “Northeast Neighbors United” Facebook page about the sudden cut-off of LanCity Connect customers from their internet connection.

      So, Katzenmoyer knows this for a “fact.” How? MAW has been lying to the city and the public for years! What does the court and PP&L have to say about this?
      Where’s the over $5 million dollars the city has spent on MAW to provide high speed, low cost internet coverage, Charlotte? Where’s the money? Have they defaulted on their $1.5 million dollar loan?

Call for an immediate investigation! Please check back later today.


  1. huh? says:

    Charlotte seems to be awfully defensive. Isn’t it interesting how she gets personal and defensive to an ordinary citizen?

    If King has delved into this, I wonder if he has uncovered who brought MAW to the city for consideration? Have you been in touch with him?

  2. OnTheBeachByNoon says:

    Um…pretty sure it is the city’s JOB to keep the electorate informed….NOT the other way around. And CLEARLY her anger is displaced. The kid gloves and excuses for MAW are red flags #’s 230 and 231 in this debacle. It is almost as disturbing as the monopolistic hold over information that the newspaper wields in this county, to the benefit of a chosen few. Every day I find more reasons to distrust everyone and everything in or about Lancaster County. My next strategy (if I cared enough, which I don’t) would be to start bothering state lawmakers in the affected districts. Class action lawsuits always get alot of attention, too.
    K’s excuse that it’s in the court, we weren’t noticed, etc. is a raft of shit, too. I think the wasted 5-million dollars is only the tip of the corruption in this matter. Because NOTHING makes sense.
    Always follow the money if you want answers. It is too bad people have to ascertain truth on their own. There is no hope for Lancaster County. There is good reason why US News and World Report ranks PA as #5 in corruption among the 50-states. And when that corruption extends to the press AND the judiciary, and the rest of the legal community, as it does here, we’re ALL f*cked.

  3. Anonymous says:

    According to hotelstonight discount app, I can stay at the marriot tonight for $189.

  4. Rednek says:

    Looking forward to LNP’s investigative report on this.