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—  Tom, Mayor Danene Sorace here! How are things?
—  Crazy as ever here, Danene! We have surveys up so our readers can pick their favorite kind of apple and their favorite ice cream place. The news just never stops!
—  I’m surprised you have any readers left after you put up the paywall, Tom, your newspaper is so awful! That’s good for me though and no offense meant, of course.
—  That’s why we have surveys, Danene. We think and hope people will pay us $9.99 a month so they can tell us their favorite apple and ice cream place. Of course, that’s if MAW hasn’t shut down their internet service. How can I help you today?
—  It’s about MAW, Tom. I just wanted to thank you for totally ignoring this disaster! The public will never know that we threw over $5 million dollars of their money down the drain. I really, really appreciate it, Tom!
—  That’s the power of the press, Danene! We promised we’d take care of you – just like we did with the Dick and his cronies for 12 long years. You have no idea how hard we had to work to make that man look good!
To Be Continued…




     I posted the below on Friday (click here for the original)!  Guess what? It turned out to be fiction! Charlotte Katzenmoyer had to issue a correction (see yesterday afternoon’s “BREAKING NEWS” immediately below).
     Did Charlotte lie or did she check her desk or did PP&L give her a call? This level of incompetence and arrogance in city hall has cost the taxpayers over $5 million dollars and they have absolutely nothing to show for it.
Please check back later today.


  1. Lang Kisster says:

    LNP: Mayor Dick…

    Danene Sorace: Excuse me. But it’s Mayor Sorace

    LNP: Really? Sorry. It’s hard to tell the difference what with the crime rate continually going up.

    Danene Sorace: STOP! Let’s get this straight. I am not a clone of Mayor Dick OK? I am my own person. Now. You’re question?

    LNP: Where do you buy your woopie pies, and who would you say make the best chicken corn soup and red beet egga?

    Danene Sorace: Frankly…..

  2. huh? says:

    OK. I read the article. I see that Mitchell is out of D.C.

  3. huh? says:

    Thanks Anonymous. This sentence ““In my experience, there are few responders for a plan like this.”

    At the moment I don’t have the patience to do the workaround to read the article. I guess my question would be who is Mitchell and what makes him/her an expert on the topic. Right now I can name two companies who have a proven track record for doing this and satisfied customers.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Huh? While we don’t know how they got MAW, we do know there was no competitive bid. From

    “MAW has a mission that’s compatible with the city’s mission,” said Pat Brogan, Mayor Rick Gray’s Chief of Staff.

    That sort of intangible often gets lost in a competitive bid process, Hopkins and Brogan said. Legally, the city didn’t have to conduct one, and it chose not to.

    Even if it had, “I think MAW would’ve won anyway,” Mitchell said. “In my experience, there are few responders for a plan like this.”

  5. huh? says:

    WTF: very good point but all signs point to the probable fact that the city didn’t take bids for this project.

    The beginnings of MAW and Lancaster seem clouded in mystery.

    I wonder if the LNP had anything to do with bringing MAW to the table and that is why they aren’t touching this disaster with a ten foot pole.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty confident how that is written, that it was done under the gun from PPLs lawyers.

    Also finally seeing a crack between the city and Maw. This issue will start to get much more interesting as MAW and the city’s relationship finally deteriorates. City should have ripped the band aid and severed ties with maw as soon as the lawsuit happened.

  7. WTF? says:

    May be a glaring example that the low bid isn’t always the best choice. Sadly, to defend a higher bid, you’d have an uphill battle against simplistic minds. In other words, the intentions may have been good, if not shortsighted and unresearched, but the outcome, for those very reasons disasterous.

  8. huh? says:

    Liar or incompetent?

    Liar AND incompetent.

    You nailed this mess from the start, Becky. Anytime Lancaster dumps millions of tax dollars into something, you can be sure that once again fools reign.

    Has anyone asked her on Facebook just whose idea this was?