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     Charlotte Katzenmoyer just posted the below on the “Northeast Neighbors United” Facebook page. MAW is breaking a court order!Unbelievable.


*    Call or email the District Attorney’s office and request an immediate investigation! 

      bhambright@co.lancaster.pa.us; 717-295-2041     

     Last week DA Craig Stedman arrested and charged Jeffrey B. Lyons with stealing $1 million from his employer, Worley & Obetz.  Frank Wiczkowski, president of MAW Communications, has stolen $4.7 million dollars from the public.


      Will LNP ever investigate and report the truth???
     Is this a prosecutable fraud offense for the DA’s office to investigate???
     Where did the money go?????
     Questions, questions, questions….will LNP provide any answers???
Part of a comment in under the post immediately below.
     People are now suddenly losing their LanCity Connect internet coverage and still no coverage by LNP! Unbelievable.
     The below is from January 26th of this year and it has just gotten worse (click here for the original)! When is this fraud going to be investigated?
Please check back later today.


2 Responses to *** BREAKING NEWS *** – * WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?

  1. AnonymousAlso says:

    I did not know Stedman is on the ballot for judge. If that is true, someone needs to tell the idiots who vote in Lancaster: DO NOT EVER VOTE FOR CRAIG STEDMAN FOR ANYTHING…EVER AGAIN. EVER. DO NOT!!!

  2. anonymous says:

    So here’s the thing. From the standpoint of Stedman’s run for Court of Common Pleas, the Lyons arrest is good press. The MAW isn’t. You can bet your a$$ that the only thing we see from the DA’s office between now and election day are charges, actions (like that stunt last year before the statewide election that Stedman lost), press conferences, etc, that pump up his chances and don’t p*ss off his supporters. So don’t hold your breath for anything to happen re the MAW situation until Lancaster has a DA who is working for the people.