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      A certain “GoFundMe” account has been making national news for several days now. But an emailer today alerted me to a different GoFundMe account for Elena Rowe and her daughter.
     Elena came from the Ukraine to marry Raymond Rowe (pictured above), who was suddenly arrested and charged in late June with the rape and murder of Christy Mirack in 1992. He remains in jail with no bail and facing the death penalty.
     The below is from her GoFundMe account (click here) which has raised $2,446 of the $15,000 goal by this afternoon.
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     Please help support our dear, sweet family members who are going through an unbelievable and traumatic time. 
     Due to legal matters, Elena’s husband is no longer capable of providing financially for his wife Elena and daughter Sofika.
     Elena and Ray were married 5 years ago and from the beginning of the relationship he was nothing more than a perfect gentleman and provider for Elena and her young daughter, Sofika. 
      He provided both emotional and financial  care for both of “his girls.” 
     He treated Elena, a hard working, devoted and supportive wife like a queen, and her daughter, Sofika, as if she were his very own. 
     He was self employed and Elena helped out running the business end of his successful business.
     The very unexpected legal matters have left Elena and Sofika’s world completely turned upside down.  
     There was no way for them to see this coming and they are in need of support to pay bills until Elena can obtain her driver’s license (driving is a bit of a fear for her) so that she can obtain a job to provide for herself and Sofika financially. 
      All of you who know Elena, know that she is a hard worker who would do anything to help anyone in need of anything. 
     So let’s wrap Elena and Sofika in our loving and supportive arms as we help them navigate this most trying time. 
     Your sensitivity towards Elena and Sofika during this time is very much appreciated. They are in a position they did not ask the be in and your prayers, kind thoughts and support are most helpful at this time.


  1. WTF? says:

    “she can’t drive.” I’d guess Rowe appreciated that complete dependency.

  2. huh? says:

    Some of the wording in the gofundme page is a bit unfortunate. “His girls”makes a creepy sound. Better to ignore him and focus on mother and daughter