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    Posted on September 20th, 2018 Becky 4 comments



        From today’s LNP editorial, “On domestic violence, a police-involved shooting and our response as a community,” (click here).       

              Oh, I don’t believe you LNP editorial board – why not make the domestic abuser the Chief of Police?


    Click here for the original of the above from July 29, 2012 and please check back later today.


    4 responses to “THE ENTIRE LNP EDITORIAL BOARD…”

    1. Good one Becky.

    2. Thanks, Galty. They really should resign. They are absolutely devoid of any morals. And with that said, I don’t want to rant and swear up a storm so I am trying to calm down and will be back tomorrow!

    3. barry in winnipeg

      To help you calm down, I encourage you to watch the video about the crypto-creature that steals apples along the Susquehanna River! When I was a Scout at good old Camp Chiquetan, we actually went on an elbadritch hunt (as it was spelled back then). Of course, that was over sixty years ago! Now, sadly, there are real monsters stalking our towns and cities, and they don’t steal apples, they steal lives!

    4. Unless the abuser is Mayor Dick’s PC hired police chief