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Tony gets newsy!

*  Tony Dastra has caught the news bug! Oh, Tony! There is no known cure and it does not go away.
     Yes, he is turning his “See-Thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page into a news site and doing far more than just live-streaming important city meetings. Lancaster needs every news source it can get so this is wonderful news.
     And he did live-stream Thursday’s meeting about the new design for Lancaster Square. You can watch it here and when they break up into discussion “tables,” Tony live-streams his table which includes former Mayor Art Morris (put the website about the Marriott back up, Art!).
     It’s all very interesting and you can listen to Mayor Sorace state that the Rocky Springs Carousel will not be placed in Lancaster Square because of its association with racism and discrimination.
     Welcome to the news world, Tony!




     Of all the screenshots of Justin Perry (MR 17 5 40) LNP could have taken from his Facebook videos, they chose the one on the right to accompany their story of his home being searched on Thursday (click here).
     How bizarre! I don’t know what he has around his shoulders or why, but I much prefer the one on the left that I ran which is from the actual live-stream of his home being searched!

Justin Gearty

     And I most certainly am not taking sides in this bizarre saga and I have reservations about what Perry does – but I do want to know what DA Stedman is up to. They filed heinous charges against Perry in August and withdrew them eight days later. Now they search his house. Stedman needs to produce and put up or stop harassing this man!
     I’ve heard good things about Perry’s attorney, Justin Gearty, and it will be very interesting to see how all of this plays out (click here for Gearty’s website).   

3 Responses to * SAINT OR CRIMINAL?

  1. Ohwellist says:

    Yessss! Geartys fun to watch in court very knowledgeable. You have see the other attorneys kissing @ss when they see who theyre up against in court. Hilarious!! I would love to be a fly on the wall

  2. Lang Kisster says:

    Any word on whether or not he’ll be doing a who-makes-the-best-Chicken-Corn-soup piece, or a story on the final days of Darrenkamp’s chicken salad?

  3. huh? says:

    Looks like maybe an oversized V-neck tee shirt.